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The SHIFTY real estate market in metropolitan Atlanta

We have a shifty real estate market in metropolitan Atlanta. We have a shifty real estate market not only in Atlanta, yet also nationwide, really North America wide. It’s shifty. A Trulia Q&A came up yesterday, and the question is this: What cities in the Atlanta metro area have the most depressed real estate markets in 2013 and is recovery expected? That question led me to think about some of the insights that I recently learned at Keller Williams Mega Camp last week. Tony DiCello stated that we have a SHIFTY market. Gary Keller and many other panelists and thought leaders at KW drew many conclusions about the “shiftyness” or as I like to call it “shifticity” in the real estate world. And, Gary made it very clear that the only way to power through the shifty shift is to understand and bring about geometric progression in your business, and to bring intense focus on the ONE thing that brings consistent success at whatever you are trying to do to succeed … [Read more...]

Don’t Sweat The REO Technique, Whiner

I just answered this Trulia Voices question. The question is about how a mortgage-funded buyer who got beat by a cash buyer on a Suntrust REO purchase and sale, was wondering if they might be “paranoid.” Suntrust REO: We bid 25K over the asking price on a property. They asked for our highest and best twice, and we gave it. Last week, we found out we had the highest bid, but the next highest bid was a cash bid for 10K less. We waited another whole week, even telling Suntrust we would take out a mortgage with them. Today, the property was relisted on MLS for $10k less than it was listed for when we bid. Tonight we got a fax saying it was sold. Is something going on, or am I just being paranoid? Part of my answer included this advice: "Highest" and "best" are distinct and subjective to every "arms length" real estate transaction. If you encounter Suntrust again, don't sweat the technique, whiner.” The Trulia Voices web reference includes a 90+ page Scribd … [Read more...]

Thumbs Up for Trulia Voices from The Intown Insider


I am enamored with the real estate marketing power of…I always give a big “thumbs up” but take a look at a few “thumbs up” that I’ve received from real estate consumers on … 2 Thumbs Up for my answers to this question: How long you should go without contact from your agent? I recently viewed several properties with my agent and she said she would get back to me with information on other listings we found...that was 22 days ago! 2 Thumbs Up for my answers to this question: My husband and I want to purchase rental property in the Atlanta area. We reside in Louisiana. What areas should we consider to increase the chances that the home is rented out most of the time? We can only spend about $30,000. We are looking at predominantly foreclosed properties, but just aren't sure which area to choose? 3 Thumbs Up for my answers to this question: Area Around Bessie Branham Park - Good Kirkwood Neighborhood? I'm interested … [Read more...]