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The SHIFTY real estate market in metropolitan Atlanta

We have a shifty real estate market in metropolitan Atlanta. We have a shifty real estate market not only in Atlanta, yet also nationwide, really North America wide. It’s shifty. A Trulia Q&A came up yesterday, and the question is this: What cities in the Atlanta metro area have the most depressed real estate markets in 2013 and is recovery expected? That question led me to think about some of the insights that I recently learned at Keller Williams Mega Camp last week. Tony DiCello stated that we have a SHIFTY market. Gary Keller and many other panelists and thought leaders at KW drew many conclusions about the “shiftyness” or as I like to call it “shifticity” in the real estate world. And, Gary made it very clear that the only way to power through the shifty shift is to understand and bring about geometric progression in your business, and to bring intense focus on the ONE thing that brings consistent success at whatever you are trying to do to succeed … [Read more...]

Questions to ask your listing agent

My good friend Jon Effron is the best real estate blogger in Georgia. Jon always encourages me, and I always encourage Jon. Jon knows that I’ve answered 1598 questions on the internet about real estate in less than 6 years. He knows that I’ve made 26 internet contributions about real estate in the past 30 days. He knows that I have accumulated 32,352 points on Trulia as of this morning and that a number like that places me in the top 1% of Trulia contributors, worldwide. Jon also knows that I’m lazy about blogging, however if I simply used my frequent Trulia content here at The Intown Insider, I would have way more blog power. So, I’m resolving to increase my blog power this year – here goes… This question arose on’s “Trulia Voices” forum yesterday: “Which questions should you ask your agent about selling your house?” I answered with the following list… What's the current absorption rate in my submarket? How does my house compare with my 2 … [Read more...]

The second leg down, is looking up, for the move up into Intown Atlanta’s residential neighborhoods

This post first appeared on my Intown Atlanta Real Estate Examiner page... John Mauldin is the most interesting and circumspect  financial writer that I read. I've written about his opinions and his free weekly newsletters before. This week's Outside The Box is on point, and right on the money for today's buyers and sellers. Yes, all real estate is local. But, when I wrote about the Lakewood to Buckhead Butterfly Effect before, I meant it... John offers "financial intelligence for the informed investor" for free. Here's a few pieces of "A Closer Look at the Second Leg Down in Housing..." "In my analysis, price stands out as being the prime mover of the next leg down. "Home prices remain too high." "One of the things that Markets are best at is price discovery - the determination of a price for a specific item through basic supply and demand factors. Without the heavy hand of the government intervening, the residential real estate market is about to experience what … [Read more...]

Miss Ann’s Ghetto Burger Makes Her the $1.5 Million Woman

Home of the world famous ghetto burger

On Friday, January 22 I filmed this quick look at the Home of the World Famous Ghetto Burger. I saw that the property is listed for sale in my multiple listing service, so I decided that it was time for a couple of quick videos – this snack bar is a very successful “sole proprietorship.” I like to call it a “soul proprietorship” because Miss Ann is the heart, and soul of her little place at 1615 Memorial Drive Kirkwood, ATL, Zone 6, GA 30317. I’ve eaten here twice and waited for over an hour in a standing room only crowd, and left the premises, unfed, three times… The burger is everything that “they” say that it is. They starts with the Wall Street Journal, and many other media mouthpieces and food-aholic burger-eaters. But I’m not writing about burgers, I’m writing about Intown Atlanta real estate. … [Read more...]

Intown Atlanta Residential Real Estate Videos Worth Seeing

Here’s a look at what’s positive about Intown Atlanta real estate through the Summer of 2009. Look for some updates coming soon based on the recent Q3 2009 statistics and charts…   Next, check out this video, live from “English Avenue” on the Westside – just 2 minutes from the Georgia Dome. If you stand around long enough, you’ll probably attract a heroin addict, so let this video be your guide to the the “downward gravitational pull of foreclosures” in Intown Atlanta… That’s a wrap for the second quarter – stay tuned for newer, fresher video reports, coming soon! … [Read more...]

Median Sales Price Differences in Intown Atlanta

Median Sales Price as a %age of Original List Price

Here's another eye opener...we've seen this trend for a long, long time - at least since The Rootdown Group got started in April Intown Atlanta, which we define thusly: 1. Ansley Park and Morningside southward to Inman Park and Reynoldstown - that includes Midtown and VAHI 2. Eastside Atlanta Dekalb - the neighborhoods East of Moreland and Briarcliff, plus Johnson Estates and southward to Edgewood and Kirkwood - all North of I20 3. Southside Atlanta Fulton - Grant Park, Summerhill, Boulevard Heights, Ormewood Park, EAV 4. Greater Decatur - South of Mercer U, down to I20 at South Dekalb Mall ...We see, that for the first half of 2008: 1. The median of the sales price as a percentage of the original list price dropped to its lowest level in three years during 1Q 2008 and, although higher than in 1Q, remained historically low through 2Q 2008   2. The 2Q 2008 percentage is nearly the same as in the greater metro Atlanta area   So, at 92.6% of … [Read more...]