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The Intown Insider gets around town, putting about 25,000 miles a year on the hot wheels of a 2007 Honda Element SC. We make it our business to profit from the changing Intown Atlanta and greater Decatur real estate markets, and we love gettin’ out in all of the neighborhoods to see what’s going on. We assembled this Neighborhood Compendium to help you dive deeper into individual neighborhoods around Atlanta. If we missed one, please let us know! If we can strengthen this resource in any way, then just write us and say so!

A compendium is a survey, a digest, a conspectus. The Intown Insider chronicles information about as many neighborhoods as we can possibly chronicle. With that in mind, here is what we believe about our “city of neighborhoods.” We gathered a lot of what you are about to read from an op-ed piece that Mary Norwood wrote in the AJC last year – thanks Mary, you pretty much nailed our opinion!

“Few cities in the country have tree-lined neighborhoods so centrally located.

Our city is busy and growing. It won’t be the same in 20 years, just as we are not the same as we were 20 years ago. Balancing that dynamism without losing the things that make Atlanta special challenges us. Our beautiful trees, the houses dotted across rolling terrain, and a network of neighborhood streets all contribute to our city’s fabric.

In the past, urban renewal meant bulldozers sweeping clear huge tracts of land for housing projects, highways and malls. In today’s Atlanta, change often proceeds parcel by parcel, within neighborhoods. Generally that piecemeal development is an asset to the community; both the developer and the new resident have an interest in preserving and even cultivating the very charm of the neighborhood that made the parcel attractive for redevelopment in the first place.”

As you seek out the best neighborhoods for you, your business, and your family, we believe that our simple Neighborhood Compendium is a good conversation starter – we think that you’ll find charming neighborhoods at every price strata around metropolitan Atlanta. Get to know some of them online, and then get out and get your real estate on. We have lots of links and as much information as we can compile here.

Let us know how we can improve, and let us know if we can designate some specific, free searches using the best market data tools that will help you as you sell and buy.

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