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Market Analysis

The Intown Insider is a ravenous real estate information junkie. When we are asked to assemble some market data for one of our clients, we find that our clients already know a lot of macroeconomic information, but what they really want is a deep dive into metro Atlanta, and a deeper dive into their street and their particular submarket. Our real estate mentor Shaun Rawls once told us “95% of the skills needed to be a real estate agent can be done by a mature tenth grader, it’s the other 5% that earns you your commission.” We’ve found that about 20% of the 25,000 real estate agents in metro Atlanta are pretty good at this stuff, and that they earn their commissions, just like we do. Woe unto you if you hire one of the others…

We believe that our biggest competitive differentiator is our ability to analyze and to present, cogent microeconomic data to help our clients make informed real estate decisions. We want the “Intown Insider” website to offer great Metropolitan Atlanta real estate data on a regular basis – we buy stupendous colorful quarterly market reports from this seriously analytical dude named Chuck Carr in our office, and we also read everything from Steve Palm at Smart Numbers on a monthly basis – we hope that you enjoy the fruits of our number crunching labor here, for free!

If you need to get your real estate on in a more meaningful way to you and your own goals, please write or call – we would appreciate the opportunity to help you.

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