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The SHIFTY real estate market in metropolitan Atlanta

We have a shifty real estate market in metropolitan Atlanta. We have a shifty real estate market not only in Atlanta, yet also nationwide, really North America wide. It’s shifty. A Trulia Q&A came up yesterday, and the question is this: What cities in the Atlanta metro area have the most depressed real estate markets in 2013 and is recovery expected? That question led me to think about some of the insights that I recently learned at Keller Williams Mega Camp last week. Tony DiCello stated that we have a SHIFTY market. Gary Keller and many other panelists and thought leaders at KW drew many conclusions about the “shiftyness” or as I like to call it “shifticity” in the real estate world. And, Gary made it very clear that the only way to power through the shifty shift is to understand and bring about geometric progression in your business, and to bring intense focus on the ONE thing that brings consistent success at whatever you are trying to do to succeed … [Read more...]

The secrets to finding a buyer in the Intown Atlanta real estate market


Many different features attract buyers to a real estate purchase, but the seller only has control over two of them. Sellers can still get the highest possible list-to-sell ratio and sell their homes as quickly as possible if they are willing to put their trust in two time trusted principles of real estate: condition and price. Since 72% of all sales transactions are “equity” transactions – not distressed, not some odd luxury transaction and not an estate sale, the chances are favorable for sellers who “get it.” Here are the the top ten features that attract buyers according to the Keller Williams Realty International survey conducted for our 2011 Market Navigator booklet. 1. Location – favored by 69% of buyers 2. Neighborhood – favored by 55% of buyers 2. Floor plan – favored by 37% of buyers 3. Updates to the house – favored by 36% of buyers 4. Curb appeal – favored by 30% of buyers 5. Square footage – favored by 28% of buyers 6. Back yard – favored … [Read more...]

Intown Insider Video: Lakewood’s Butterfly Effect, 9 Years Later


$39,000.00. My listing. 9 years ago. Lakewood...the "Holistic Health Oasis." I decided to drive down Meador Avenue this morning. Before I got too comfortable in front of 1892 Meador Avenue - 30315, a City of Atlanta Police officer stopped by, at the early stage of my little morning rainstorm video shoot and checked to see what I was up to. That was cool - "community policing," baby! I am glad that I carry a handgun in an area like Lakewood, but 9 years ago, I did not even think about the need to "be prepared" in Lakewood. Lakewood was "up and coming." Watch the video - I sold that house as the Listing Agent in 2000, for the full price of $39,000.00. I sold it to a cash buyer. The "unrepresented" buyer took this house, and a few others, and created cash wealth, fairly quickly - just a few years. He sold the property to a family member, financed about $100,000 and as of about 1 year ago, walked away from any responsibility for the asset, from what I can tell. He … [Read more...]

Lakewood – a “Holistic Health Oasis”

The healing power of Lakewood

I am asking anyone that reads this to please let me know where I can find any history on Lakewood's legacy as a Holistic Health Oasis. I've googled it. I've Creatively Loafed it. I've driven the streets of Lakewood in search of it, yet I have not identified any sense of legacy that makes Lakewood Heights a Holistic Health Oasis. We must all flock there for healing. I'm happy to give you a tour. … [Read more...]

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