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Lockbox or by appointment only?


A seller on Trulia asked me: What is your opinion regarding the use of a lock box vs. showing by appointment only? “Lockbox, but... How long do you plan for your house to be on the market? This is all about price, and your non-negotiable terms, and making those very simple for buyers to understand. At a take it or leave it price, you will attract 8-10 showings and your Realtor will line them up over like 2 or three days. You probably have a reasonable take it or leave it price in mind - use that. It's your market in almost every submarket across Atlanta because there are probably buyers clamoring for exactly what you have to sell. Take offers - call for highest and best - don't accept a single one if they are not a win-win. Plan B starts if it's not under contract after three days on market. Better than implementing plan B next season. Plan B should start with a lockbox, 95% of the time. But first, reconsider plan A. There is tremendous certainty in this market for savvy … [Read more...]

Look who is a Trulia VIP 3

Just got this in an email from Trulia: “Your contributions to Trulia Voices have earned you the status of Trulia Voices VIP Level 3. In recognition of this achievement, your VIP status will be shown on your profile and across our site. You will also enjoy more exposure throughout Trulia as well as higher ranking within our Find a Pro directory. We hope that you will download this VIP certificate and display it proudly. You've definitely earned it! Your VIP status is set to expire in 30 days, but don't worry - keeping that status is easy. Just be sure to post 70 contributions to Trulia in 30 days - that's just a little more than two posts per day! Thank you for being a superstar within our community and keep up the great work!” Learn more about the Trulia Voices VIP Program » … [Read more...]

Equipping failed sellers for success in Atlanta


Good news! More sellers are selling their real estate nowadays instead of failing to sell. I remain steadfast in my mission to help those who have failed, find success after they fire their first or second agent… Check out the recent chart that reveals the basic dynamics of our market. Just three years ago, this chart looked almost opposite of the recent Third Quarter 2012 chart above. Check this link out that I published in my article entitled “The mother of all Intown Atlanta real estate charts” in February 2009. Back then, only 30 out of 100 were selling. “Of the 30 sold listings, 20 (73%) had a price reduction, when listing prices from previous listing periods are included, before a Buyer was found. Therefore, if 70 failed due to overpricing and another 20 required a price reduction in order to sell, 90 out of every 100 listings were overpriced in 4Q 2008, resulting either in either no sale, or a sale at a much-reduced price after a much-longer … [Read more...]

The Difference Between a Functionary and a Fiduciary real estate agent

307 Adair Street B8 - Decatur, GA - Lee Taylor's new place-32

Before you hire a real estate agent, make sure that you have an understanding of their skills and their abilities. Over the years, I’ve found that the basic difference between functionary vs. fiduciary is where to draw many lines between great agents, and not so good agents. FUNCTIONARY REALTOR                    FIDUCIARY REALTOR Low Level                                                            High Level Low Relationship                                              High Relationship Assumes Little Responsibility                        Accepts High Responsibility Uses Low Skill                                                   Masters High Skill Records Information                                       Perceives Information Responds … [Read more...]

What is my USP?


My USP, my Ultimate Selling Proposition as a Georgia real estate agent, is that my team and I deliver exceptional marketing for our seller clients, and we help our buyer clients get fantastic deals, one detailed contract at a time. The Intown neighborhoods of Atlanta and Decatur are littered with failed sellers and with mistaken buyers. There are too many real estate agents who can’t keep their signs straight or keep flyer boxes full, or even know how to position properties for internet validity. Regardless, our neighborhoods are also blessed with rich amenities, diverse and interesting cultures and subcultures, and inherent Georgia value, lot for lot, street by street. I know that most of the time, once a seller has the right information, then they will make an informed decision about pricing and staging their property to sell quickly and for the highest possible price. I have a 93 Point marketing plan that has been proven to get houses sold 6 times faster than the … [Read more...]

Gary Keller thinks big about Intown Atlanta real estate

A client of mine motivated me to give my opinion on a simple valuation idea. He wants to base future value of a 2012 purchase on the recent value of the same piece of real estate back in 2007. I suggested that if 2007 is a baseline for him…not so fast. Literally - not so fast. A return to 2007 prices is likely to be decades away, and for only select US submarkets. Others are literally stagnant or dead. Unrecoverable. The US real estate market is not best measured today, or in the future by using 2007 as a baseline for quick comparison. Gary Keller’s message is North American in scope, but his mindset can help anyone see the bigger real estate picture on their Intown Atlanta or Decatur street. I wouldn't be bold enough to state that about 2007 unless I heard that from someone else - I'm no expert, but Gary Keller is. I've known Gary for 14 years. He's the best agent in the country and he built Keller Williams Realty over the past 29 years as the real estate agency … [Read more...]