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This is a call

I just finished reading a book by Paul Brannigan entitled “THIS is a CALL – The Life and Times of Dave Grohl.” I found this rocking photo of Dave Grohl on a local site called Luxecrush – a superb site for all things Atlanta culture. I saw Dave and his killer rock band, the Foo Fighters on a perfect autumn night in September at Piedmont Park during Music Midtown this year, and Dave and his fascinatingly great band made me true believers. That show is in my top 5 of all time – I’m 47, and I’ve seen well over 1000 live concert performances since I was 16. This blog post is supposed to inspire you, so here goes… Those of you who know me well know that I am a rock and roll, and pop culture compendium, and that a rock and roll bio book like Paul’s is a regular part of my reading. The book is the first in depth, definitive biography of Dave Grohl, the legendary drummer for Nirvana and the singer-songwriter for the Foo Fighters – his body of work in less than 30 years … [Read more...]

Advice to an Atlanta buyer in the golden age of real estate


That’s a photo of the house that I lived in from 1965 to 1971 in Savannah, GA. Many will point to a number of geopolitical pivots after the “Golden Age” of mid-20th century America and tell you that 1965 was certainly toward the end of the golden age. I’ve read that 1973 ended the “expansion” period post-WWII. I could go on… Well, this article is not about that golden age – it’s about the golden age of real estate happening right now! I communicated with one of my clients about making an offer on a really cool resale priced in the $200’s today, and they’ve decided to make an offer. I spoke with the agent who represents the seller to get a feel for what’s up with this “estate sale” and she said that they have had one offer and it was all cash. A low offer. In nearly 6 months, just one lowball offer. The seller countered and the buyer never came up. The buyer returned one week later with a little better offer, then left after being rejected never … [Read more...]

It’s better to be Led Zeppelin

One of my clients wrote me and asked about a low market investing scheme that he cooked up – essentially a wholesale flip business. I wrote him back and asked: How vividly interested are you in this pursuit? Scale of 1-10 with 10 being "flipping the shittiest houses in Atlanta is my only hope of economic survival" and 0 is "this is a fool's game." He wrote back: “I've decided to wait until I can move a little more upmarket, so to answer your question, I give it a 2 - it has a decent beat, but I really can't dance to it.” I wrote back: “It's like the beat of an old bluesman stomping his feet - it's all you really need, but it's better to be Led Zeppelin.” … [Read more...]

City of Decatur real estate stats from 2010 to the present


My friend and neighbor Nathan asked an interesting question on the Lenox Place neighborhood Facebook page this week, and this article should serve as a comprehensive answer. He asked: “Does anyone know how to find average house prices in the City of Decatur or if there's an easy way to do this? I'm trying to track average prices of, at least, 3-2's and 2-1's over the past few years.” Let me preface the following "LONG” answer to Nathan’s question with a look at the most up to date median sales price history for Atlanta, metro wide. My people and I haven’t crunched the average, just the median number, but this is the chart of all charts for a sense of where we are and where we’ve been… Simply put – versus Atlanta metro wide, Decatur has healthier numbers, and the overpriced vs. correctly priced ratios are much, much better. So, here’s the long answer… For 2012, looking only at 2 bedroom, 1 bath houses (2/1’s)  – just 7 sales so far this year, here … [Read more...]

The Difference Between a Functionary and a Fiduciary real estate agent

307 Adair Street B8 - Decatur, GA - Lee Taylor's new place-32

Before you hire a real estate agent, make sure that you have an understanding of their skills and their abilities. Over the years, I’ve found that the basic difference between functionary vs. fiduciary is where to draw many lines between great agents, and not so good agents. FUNCTIONARY REALTOR                    FIDUCIARY REALTOR Low Level                                                            High Level Low Relationship                                              High Relationship Assumes Little Responsibility                        Accepts High Responsibility Uses Low Skill                                                   Masters High Skill Records Information                                       Perceives Information Responds … [Read more...]

First time buyers win in Atlanta


According to a recent Inman News report “the following are the 10 prime markets for first-timers, ranked by highest share of first-time-buyer FHA loans as a percentage of total sales in 2011: 1. Wilmington, Del.-Md.-N.J. 2. Charleston, W.Va. 3. Visalia-Porterville, Calif. 4. Merced, Calif. 5. Fresno, Calif. 6. Hagerstown-Martinsburg, Md.-W.Va. 7. Modesto, Calif. 8. Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, Minn.-Wis. 9. Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, Ga. 10. Camden, N.J.” I wonder if now is the right time for KK and her friend Juju to take advantage of this Atlanta market… … [Read more...]