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Poolside and sitting pretty for $245,000 in downtown Decatur

Poolside H1

If you like what you see on the outside, then get with me to see the inside. Just $245,000.00. Not yet listed, and I have written permission to show it and to present contracts to the seller. Check your comps - call your advisors, and have them call me.     Or, just cut to the chase and lets do some dual agency, before the seller replaces the carpet, and I list it...before I start throwing open houses and getting multiple offers. In June.   Call Lee Taylor at 404-218-4126 in May, and we will line up showings for all qualified buyers. Unless someone gets it under contract before you do... My community, Decatur Townhouses is so hot right now - so hot, that if you are more budgeted for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath unit under $200,000, and if you prefer an end unit next to the park, then Lee is selling his unit by late June. Sneak peeks are available.   Do you see what happens when you filter the downtown, city limits zip code 30030 against the … [Read more...]

Decatur, Georgia named one of the greatest places in America

When the American Planning Association (APA) speaks, apparently many listen. And they just named downtown Decatur, Georgia one of the great neighborhoods in America. At a glance, they state that "APA is an independent, not-for-profit educational organization that provides leadership in the development of vital communities. We measure our success by the successes of our members and the communities they serve." I am proud to say that I've been living in the "vital community" (APA's coined term) of Intown Atlanta for 16 years. I'm now a resident of downtown Decatur, and I also operate my business out of the KW market center in downtown Decatur. Click here for directions. I certainly think that Decatur is one of the greatest places in America. Calling downtown Decatur one of the greatest neighborhoods in America is an easy call and the fact that the APA ranks Chinatown in San Francisco and Norwich, CT as the #1 and #2 greatest neighborhoods in America, makes me feel somewhat … [Read more...]

A treatise on the value of a Decatur Townhouse


A request came my way two weeks ago: Lee, Can you help me find out what our 2 bedroom units are selling for? I am not sure where to look and I thought you may have access to what the last few sold went for..." I answered with a detailed summary report on values, with accompanying individual property reports with photos. Here’s my review: Recent 2/2/1 sales since last Summer. Decatur Townhouses at 307 Adair Street (my community) D7 asked $175000 and closed for $159250 in about 60 days July 2012. C5 asked $147500 and closed for that price in about 40 days in September 2012. 4E asked $142000 and closed in about 60 days for $140000 in October 2012. All 3 sellers paid some closing costs for each buyer. H2, our only recent 3/2/1 sale, is an interesting case to consider when positioned against the rest of Decatur's similar, "vintage" era townhouses. H2 asked $225,000 beginning August 2011. She was under contract twice and both times resulted … [Read more...]

Directions to my office

Here is the map to 315 West Ponce De leon Avenue Decatur, GA 30030. Click here for a google maps link. The Keller Williams office is in suite 100, on the first floor - the parking is free on the east side of our building and marked "Keller Williams Guest." The parking spaces can be reached by driving on Ponce De Leon Avenue to Ponce De Leon Place. You will see the Wells Fargo bank teller lines on the left, which align along the eastern perimeter of our building. Pull into our driveway and the teller lines will be ahead. You will see about 10 parallel parking spaces adjacent to the teller lines. Call me if you have questions at 404-218-4126. … [Read more...]

Greater Decatur


Decatur – it’s pretty huge. Almost as big a “land mass” as “Atlanta.” 30033, 30034, 30035, 30032, 30030...all greater Decatur. I chose Decatur two years ago as my home and the home of my office because after living in Intown Atlanta on Euclid in L5P for 6 years and then in Kirkwood for 6 more years, I knew that my next door neighbor, Decatur was as remarkable as any other urban city in America. Decatur, like other walkable, clean and culturally significant cities, is a better policed, better serviced, more efficient and much easier to run city that other parts of Intown Atlanta nearby. Decatur has good schools to go along with it - schools are a large part of the draw to Decatur and we have a unique 1-3, 4-5, 6-8, 8-12 campus concept that pleases most. Neighborhood schools and walkable campuses, along with the overall walkability of Decatur, make walking to schools with smiling crossing guards a reality. "According to  Decatur ranks #1 in most … [Read more...]

Finding value in Intown Atlanta lofts


My 6 showings of lofts in Castleberry Hill yesterday made me think of some of the considerations that buyers must make when choosing a loft as a “primary residential” lifestyle choice - this is a hyperlink to a question on Trulia Voices that I answered about this subject, and here is some of the dialogue: “I've been to Castleberry Hill for a couple of the Art Strolls and nights out...seems like a pretty hip area. I travel for work (70% of the time), but don't want to be down by the airport. Looking to stay out of the suburbs. Any other viable options - Decent nightlife, nice restaurants in the area, easy access to interstates, in the city without the suburban feel. East Lake is nice, but has a suburban feel.” I answered: I like Castleberry Hill as long as you choose a good community, watch out for insolvency and understand that resale factors in the general neighborhood of Castleberry Hill, are a building by building consideration. Plenty of buildings down there outsell the … [Read more...]