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HENSE the name, hence the acclaim

I was at an Atlanta Falcons tailgate party about three years ago, down in “The Gulch.” “The Gulch” is going to be the subject of another blog post soon, but in the meantime – if you don’t know about “The Gulch” and want to know exactly what it is – click here. I looked up, and saw that on the very top of an old, decrepit building that sits at the edge of the US federal government buildings was a massive graffiti name tag  - actually two tags – quite an accomplishment, and because of the limited and probably dangerous access, quite an effort just to get the names up there. Those nicknames, HENSE and BORN have been tags that I have seen for years around town. I have immense respect for the staying power of GREAT graffiti artists. I have immense disrespect for those who vandalize, and I tried to run off untalented taggers when I was living in Inman Park – so to me, the HENSE and BORN tags on top of the dilapidated building are artistic, cool and worthy of … [Read more...]

Promise of the real


Hank Miller is as real as it gets in the Georgia real estate professions. Hank is a licensed broker and certified real estate appraiser in the state of GA. Since 1989, real estate has been his full time occupation and Hank consistently ranks at the very top of Atlanta area agents in terms of overall production. He is known as much for his attention to detail as he is for his candor. It’s a pleasure to know Hank and to rely on him as my northern counties expert for years. He is also the best appraiser in Georgia, and between Hank and I, we have managed to stay on the top of the Trulia Voices charts since 2007. This is a direct quote from Hank’s June 11 post – this is Hank’s promise of the real… “I think we can dispense with the notion that any economic recovery is underway, that nonsense pushed on the nation that the recession is over was a total steaming pile of…things are clearly not good. Real estate and manufacturing are typically what lead the recovery, both are … [Read more...]

Miss Ann’s Ghetto Burger Makes Her the $1.5 Million Woman

Home of the world famous ghetto burger

On Friday, January 22 I filmed this quick look at the Home of the World Famous Ghetto Burger. I saw that the property is listed for sale in my multiple listing service, so I decided that it was time for a couple of quick videos – this snack bar is a very successful “sole proprietorship.” I like to call it a “soul proprietorship” because Miss Ann is the heart, and soul of her little place at 1615 Memorial Drive Kirkwood, ATL, Zone 6, GA 30317. I’ve eaten here twice and waited for over an hour in a standing room only crowd, and left the premises, unfed, three times… The burger is everything that “they” say that it is. They starts with the Wall Street Journal, and many other media mouthpieces and food-aholic burger-eaters. But I’m not writing about burgers, I’m writing about Intown Atlanta real estate. … [Read more...]

Rainy Day Real Estate #30032 and #30034

Here is a series of videos that I Flipped on Saturday, January 16, 2010. My client wanted to see 2 properties, and I added lots of color commentary on the way, and at the properties. If you are a serious buyer in the 30032 or 30034, and if you either need exclusive or non-exclusive brokerage assistance, then call me. There are some intriguing opportunities over here for the savvy, single family residence buyer. The capital gains advantages of moving from house to house every 2 –4 years for the next 10-20 years is about as remarkable a bonus plan as there is in these United States. Starting at less than $50,000, investor cash capital is bolstering this submarket. Starting at less than $50,000, savvy primary residence buyers should be all over this. Big brick ranches on 1/2 acre + land parcels are remarkable investments in 2010. Check out these videos. This neighborhood is loaded with unique, well-crafted mid-20th century ranches on large lots. This … [Read more...]

The Prettiest House in Kirkwood 30317

First take about 7 minutes and you’ll see a tour that takes you from Kirkwood’s Bessie Branham Park over to the prettiest house in Kirkwood. Along the way, you’ll see the edges of Hawthorn Park’s 6 acre greenspace and you’ll see all 47 of the houses in Hawthorn Park, an island in the middle of Kirkwood. You’ll see one of my competitors signs, leaning and lacking erection too – I always get a kick out of that, especially when the sign has only been in the ground for 18 hours. But I digress…check this out – it even features an MLK Day civil rights music soundtrack with Stevie Wonder singing “Heaven Help Us All.” Now, here’s the prettiest house in Kirkwood – from my perspective. It is impeccable. It’s priced under the recent average price for a new or newer 3 bedroom 2 and 1/2 bath property in 30317. It’s loaded with extras – check this video out. I start the video in the custom Master Bedroom closet… If you want to study some … [Read more...]

And The Cradle Will Rock…

There is something about Diamond Dave and this band in 1980 that is simply hard to watch, especially when they are lip synching, but I am strangely drawn to it. Hearing this song today inspires a segue into a conversation about where we are today in America. The song is about a kid growing up and “being a disappointment to his parents, I would guess it's nothing more than a symbol of a childhood gone astray. Like in a rocky childhood or a rocky relationship. It just didn't turn out as good as the parents were hoping.” Is the “next generation” ready to rock? They better be. Because it just didn’t turn out as good as the parents were hoping. And, hope is not a strategy. So, if you do not rock, then you had better start fixin’ to rock. My daughter is ready to rock. She will change the world – she already has. “And the cradle will rock. And I say rock on…” … [Read more...]