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Intown Atlanta real estate crystal ball: 3.5 changes coming

CHANGE #1 stable mortgage fees, higher interest rates CHANGE #2 home price stabilization...for the most part Here is one headline grabbing way to look at that issue - from December 2013: Here is yet another way to consider prices in Atlanta - from February 2014: Huh? Who is right? Call me if you want a real analysis of a local neighborhood. Relying on indexes, pricing from years ago, Zestimates, costs of improvements, costs of maintenance, etc. etc. etc. can lead to a false sense of inflated value. CHANGE #3 home price deflation in many submarkets - most analysts have been calling for stable, or flat pricing for some time now, running with the 3-4.5% (depending on who measures it) inflation rate that has been measured for decades. Many factors impact the submarkets … [Read more...]

Atlanta’s best example of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture – for sale for $950,000


Shortly after Robert Green returned to his Georgia home from his 1958-1959 apprenticeship at Taliesin West (Frank Lloyd Wright’s school), he designed then supervised the construction of a remarkable house for a C&S Bank executive named William Copeland and his family in 1960. That remarkable house is now for sale for $950,000.00. Jason Wieloch and I are co-listing the property. “Nobody buys a Wright house by mistake or coincidence” said Ron Scherubel, the retired Executive Director of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy. Ron also said that the market for a Wright house “is a narrow market. It’s an active market. And it can be a lucrative market…most of the time, buyers pay a 25 to 40 percent premium because it’s a Wright design.” Usonian design is Mr. Wright’s coined term for his simple style that enabled the integration of structure with the natural order of the landscape. The Copeland House typifies Usonian design. Robert Green, … [Read more...]

Dekalb ain’t no Clayton

That’s Dekalb’s esteemed CEO, Burrell Ellis. That’s Clayton County Commissioner Shana Rooks and Commission Chairman Jeff Turner This question arose on Trulia Voices today. “Given recent news about Dekalb county school system and its mismanagement, have we seen bottom yet for real estate values in our Doraville neighborhood? How much more drop could we see in next 2-5 years? Will prices stabilize if the school board is removed? Not removed? Is the Clayton market a good proxy?” I answered: Is the Clayton market a good proxy? No. The good ESDs, MSDs and HSDs will remain remain stable, in Clayton and in Dekalb. I don't know enough about Clayton schools to even know if a school like Vanderlyn or Fernbank is down there. Clayton doesn't have a Dunwoody or a Druid Hills. Across Dekalb - the market is simply too broad to judge things. So, in Evansdale, there were 22, 2011 sales total in FMLS - average sold price $223K. In 2012 there were 37 sales total in FMLS - average … [Read more...]

Directions to my office

Here is the map to 315 West Ponce De leon Avenue Decatur, GA 30030. Click here for a google maps link. The Keller Williams office is in suite 100, on the first floor - the parking is free on the east side of our building and marked "Keller Williams Guest." The parking spaces can be reached by driving on Ponce De Leon Avenue to Ponce De Leon Place. You will see the Wells Fargo bank teller lines on the left, which align along the eastern perimeter of our building. Pull into our driveway and the teller lines will be ahead. You will see about 10 parallel parking spaces adjacent to the teller lines. Call me if you have questions at 404-218-4126. … [Read more...]

This is a call

I just finished reading a book by Paul Brannigan entitled “THIS is a CALL – The Life and Times of Dave Grohl.” I found this rocking photo of Dave Grohl on a local site called Luxecrush – a superb site for all things Atlanta culture. I saw Dave and his killer rock band, the Foo Fighters on a perfect autumn night in September at Piedmont Park during Music Midtown this year, and Dave and his fascinatingly great band made me true believers. That show is in my top 5 of all time – I’m 47, and I’ve seen well over 1000 live concert performances since I was 16. This blog post is supposed to inspire you, so here goes… Those of you who know me well know that I am a rock and roll, and pop culture compendium, and that a rock and roll bio book like Paul’s is a regular part of my reading. The book is the first in depth, definitive biography of Dave Grohl, the legendary drummer for Nirvana and the singer-songwriter for the Foo Fighters – his body of work in less than 30 years … [Read more...]

Greater Decatur


Decatur – it’s pretty huge. Almost as big a “land mass” as “Atlanta.” 30033, 30034, 30035, 30032, 30030...all greater Decatur. I chose Decatur two years ago as my home and the home of my office because after living in Intown Atlanta on Euclid in L5P for 6 years and then in Kirkwood for 6 more years, I knew that my next door neighbor, Decatur was as remarkable as any other urban city in America. Decatur, like other walkable, clean and culturally significant cities, is a better policed, better serviced, more efficient and much easier to run city that other parts of Intown Atlanta nearby. Decatur has good schools to go along with it - schools are a large part of the draw to Decatur and we have a unique 1-3, 4-5, 6-8, 8-12 campus concept that pleases most. Neighborhood schools and walkable campuses, along with the overall walkability of Decatur, make walking to schools with smiling crossing guards a reality. "According to  Decatur ranks #1 in most … [Read more...]