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South of Wright – Wall Street Journal house of the day!


I promise – coming tomorrow, a look at the exterior of The Copeland House, in more detail. To start the week however, I want the Intown Insider to promote some recent media placements for the new listing. Atlanta Curbed featured it last week – love them! And yesterday, the Wall Street Journal featured the house as “house of the day!” Pretty cool – that’s a first for me and a first for my local brokerage. Thanks to Jason Wieloch for making that connection through KW Luxury. Onward and upward – three showings in 8 days on market. … [Read more...]

The hidden value in a remarkable house


Jason Wieloch and I just co-listed a remarkable house built by this modern design legend named Robert Green. Read more about it here and look for more detailed articles this week about the interior and exterior right here at The Intown Insider. This Wall Street Journal article from 2008 says it best: “Could it be McMansion backlash? Trophy homes are increasingly being scaled down and aesthetically integrated into the surrounding landscapes.” Frank Lloyd Wright taught Robert Green how to aesthetically integrate. If you don’t want to build a modern home for $1 Million dollars or more and compromise in some major way on something … And, if you are instead looking for a mid-century modern trophy home in Atlanta, that was expertly scaled and sited in 1959, renovated again for growth in 1987 by Robert Green, then updated and renovated in 1998 by Herbert Brito with superior modern finishes, then look no further than 1885 Walthall Drive in Buckhead. … [Read more...]

Finding value in Intown Atlanta lofts


My 6 showings of lofts in Castleberry Hill yesterday made me think of some of the considerations that buyers must make when choosing a loft as a “primary residential” lifestyle choice - this is a hyperlink to a question on Trulia Voices that I answered about this subject, and here is some of the dialogue: “I've been to Castleberry Hill for a couple of the Art Strolls and nights out...seems like a pretty hip area. I travel for work (70% of the time), but don't want to be down by the airport. Looking to stay out of the suburbs. Any other viable options - Decent nightlife, nice restaurants in the area, easy access to interstates, in the city without the suburban feel. East Lake is nice, but has a suburban feel.” I answered: I like Castleberry Hill as long as you choose a good community, watch out for insolvency and understand that resale factors in the general neighborhood of Castleberry Hill, are a building by building consideration. Plenty of buildings down there outsell the … [Read more...]

Free parking in downtown Decatur

Free parking for my guests. My office is located at 315 W. Ponce De Leon Avenue Suite 100 Decatur, GA 30030. That's in downtown Decatur, at the corner of Ponce De Leon Place, in a tall, white office tower called "Decatur Court." We have free parking for my guests - the spaces marked "Keller Williams Guest" are parallel spaces, along the eastern side of the building - those spaces are accessed by pulling into the driveway that leads to the Wells Fargo teller lines on the Eastern side of the building. If you have trouble finding those spaces, just park and come in - we are located on the first floor. … [Read more...]

Hot’Lanta is rekindling’s regional real estate reporting is superb. Their site is interesting and they are really on point with the style of their site. Recently, they reported on a grim forecast that surfaced for Atlanta’s metro economy, bringing up the bad and the ugly that “planners” statewide need to consider. The article cites ““Atlanta's persistent unemployment, traffic congestion, a 29% loss in average per-square-foot housing prices between 2000-2010, and the fact that the city is increasingly offering a lifestyle opposite of that desired by the most desirable workers and companies. The opportunities he sees are also legion, though, and many of them simply involve re-embracing our transit roots: i.e. investments in commuter rail, continuing to capitalize on the power of our airport, making The BeltLine everything it can be and getting T-SPLOST passed.” The AJC reported on the same Brookings Institution report that brought up these findings, stating the following about … [Read more...]

HENSE the name, hence the acclaim

I was at an Atlanta Falcons tailgate party about three years ago, down in “The Gulch.” “The Gulch” is going to be the subject of another blog post soon, but in the meantime – if you don’t know about “The Gulch” and want to know exactly what it is – click here. I looked up, and saw that on the very top of an old, decrepit building that sits at the edge of the US federal government buildings was a massive graffiti name tag  - actually two tags – quite an accomplishment, and because of the limited and probably dangerous access, quite an effort just to get the names up there. Those nicknames, HENSE and BORN have been tags that I have seen for years around town. I have immense respect for the staying power of GREAT graffiti artists. I have immense disrespect for those who vandalize, and I tried to run off untalented taggers when I was living in Inman Park – so to me, the HENSE and BORN tags on top of the dilapidated building are artistic, cool and worthy of … [Read more...]