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WHAT IS WWW.INTOWNINSIDER.COM ALL ABOUT? honors our inalienable right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

My name is Lee Taylor, and I have owned and operated an Intown Atlanta and Decatur real estate agency practice ┬ásince April 2004. My real estate license is held at the brokerage of Keller Williams Realty Metro Atlanta, and my company earns commissions when we are contracted to help a Buyer buy, or a Seller sell, or a renter rent, or a landlord lease property. I’m thrilled to be a real estate agent in Atlanta.

My broker, by the way operates one of the top real estate brokerages in metro Atlanta in sales volume and agent for agent productivity by a long mile right now. Regionally, and nationally Keller Williams Realty simply dominates.

I’ve been on Shaun Rawls’ KW team since 1999, as a charter member – one of the top workplaces in metro Atlanta for years! I joined the Decatur market center in 2010, and I love what our office does for the community, who we are as a team and how we relate culturally. We are a class act.

My agency team and I have helped people around the Atlanta area with the purchase and sale of about 200 properties since April 2004.

My team is critical to the success of our customer service before and after the sale. I am honoured to be in business with them.

We also work with Sinoun and Mike, who collectively form the technology and marketing braintrust.

It’s my job to be a local economist and it’s my job to support the informed decision-making of our clients.

So, is Intown Atlanta’s real estate media vehicle. A resource for future clients. A compendium of relevant information about Intown Atlanta, Decatur and other Intown submarkets and the real estate topics that matter to us. It doesn’t replace our personal service, but our clients know that we are one phone call away if needed.

My time is the most valuable resource in my sales arsenal. I will dedicate regularly scheduled time to and I believe that we will build a superb real estate media vehicle. While you are here at our site, check out all of the features, and please let us know if we can do anything to improve the site for you!

I am very glad that I have had so many terrific clients, so many wonderful real estate purchase and sale experiences and so many rewarding personal referrals from so many super cool people that matter to me.

That being said, I’m excited about the future of Atlanta’s Intown and Decatur real estate market. I’m excited that you are reading this, and I’m excited to know that you might consider returning to when you seek an alternative to the average real estate purchasing and marketing resource.

We sponsor this site because we believe in the content and we believe that the truth shall set you free.

To life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Thanks for joining us at


Lee Taylor.