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NAR stats tell me that real estate blogs in general do not deliver the highest level of engagement nor the highest level of “impressiveness” in the minds of the consumer. Says so in their recent “Generational Trends” report.

So, I stopped “blogging” months ago. Maybe years ago…with any vitality. Why? Because, I’m too busy to write great content to the worldwide web.

If you need a Lee Taylor fix then link over to my Trulia Q&A – 1812 answers to real estate questions posted between December 2007 and earlier this year, or round about the time when Trulia became way less interesting to me…now, I still love Trulia – the best real estate 3rd party syndicator that there is. Best graphics. Best thinking. Beats Zillow’s hype every time in my book.

Still, less interesting to me as an “online savvy” Realtor, even when I know that over 52,000 Trulia profile views can’t be wrong.

June 23. Almost halfway through another year of sales and I must admit I do not miss blogging. My last post was in January.

Nowadays, so much content is readily reachable on multiple platforms…I simply send my well written content to my “business” Facebook page.

And, my clients get way more attention, because my best “content” is shared one on one with brokerage clients.

And, my “past clients” get free advice for life…until the next brokerage agreement.

I expect that this site will become a reliable compendium of my newsletters from here on out – until we go subscription!

My newsletter will be directed to clients and past clients, my service providers like attornies, lenders and contractors, and the general Intown Atlanta and Decatur public should get something out of it too.

In the days where Curbed covers Atlanta real estate with such fervor, and where Facebook and other media platforms enable ease of “web-logging” to a group online, I’m tapped out of being a “blogger” when the return on investment is minimal.

As my friend Scott Hagedorn advised in 2005 – “dude, Intown Insider is too big.” Check out comments with Scott in “Don’t try to boil the ocean” – a really cerebral post from March 2008.

So after 10 years of being branded the Intown Insider, and after almost 9 years with online as a blog (with novelty, yet limited returns for 387 brilliant posts) I remain committed to “less content, more filters.”

I will have an email newsletter featuring monthly video and monthly market updates. If you are on my list of about 300 who will get the first newsletter, then you are good to go.

I’ll then post links here as we produce monthly newsletters.

If you need your property sold, or if you need help with a purchase please contact me. My office is in downtown Decatur and we can meet up easily to discuss your real estate needs ASAP!

Anyone my remember my welcome post from January 1, 2008? The Rolling Stones Rice Krispies commercial. 

Curbed does this real estate blog stuff better than anyone else.


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