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2015 Appraisal time bomb for Intown Atlanta


Appraisal changes - some call it a time bomb. The video link in this email is VIVID, very real world and worth watching if you intend to sell or buy property in Intown Atlanta in the future. Maybe because many of us know how much of a hassle it is when real estate transactions don't move as fast as we would like for them to move. So, an appraisal time bomb . For Georgia. Intown Atlanta. You ready? That's what my friends at Shelter Mortgage call it. Mark Moore sent me the following this morning in an email entitled "Appraisal Time Bomb:" "The easiest way to understand it is to watch the short video below. Return to this post after viewing for action items. Here is a post that features a┬áprovocative video from some astute, been there and done that real estate folks. So what does this mean for you and what should you prepare for? Start allowing LONGER appraisal contingency times and if it is your listing, please accept longer times until the industry gets used to … [Read more...]