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First time homebuyers – carpe diem!

First Time Homebuyers - Carpe Diem!   The two charts from Trulia below offer a close up look at my neighborhood of 30033 North Decatur, and compare it with the 5 zip codes that comprise "greater Decatur." The Decatur example can be easily compared to other parts of metro Atlanta - the trends look similar. Here are the facts: 1. every year, prices and activity decrease in the winter months - veteran real estate owners and investors know that...these charts do not lie 2. sales volume and sales prices peaked in the Summer of 2006 3. The Intown Insider bought a Decatur townhouse at the bottom of the market, in the Autumn of 2010, and sold it for a tidy profit in the Summer of 2014. 4. Prices go up, then they go down, quarter by quarter, year by year - the Winter months are always a solid time to take advantage of ample supply, and less demand 5. Rates remain so low, we truly are in a "Golden age of real estate" While many signs continue to point to an economic recovery, housing … [Read more...]