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Agent to agent feedback

I love feedback. My almost 49 year old ears have listened to occasional bursts of it for 38 years or so. Yes indeed. That link does not lead you to an example of the feedback that I'm talking about. I'm talking about real estate agent to real estate agent feedback. Agents, when providing feedback to another Realtor or real estate agent, should feel free to be blunt and to mean what they say. Throwing shade. No. Real, brief to the point comments. Yes. Agent to agent feedback, in particular, should be timely and served bluntly. Agent to agent feedback is almost always either 1 of exactly 2.5 different things: 1. a valid opinion   2. no feedback, which is feedback   2.5. some lame opinion which is of no value to anyone. I'll have a link to a relatively close, albeit distinctly Canadian example of how some real estate agents get along everyday, at the end of this post. Feedback helps listing agents in this market. It helps everyone in the real … [Read more...]