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Lee Taylor’s mobile real estate app is up

Lee Taylor’s mobile app is indeed, “up!”

I phone applications on steroids

The Keller Williams Technoscenti developed personal real estate field research apps for every agent in North America, based on the local search, quick alert tools we all use everyday – as far as I know, there are no other brokerages who have a vast deployment of 88,000 individually branded apps.

And, my mobile app is up!

Here’s how to navigate the web to get to mine.

Please don’t text and drive

Mobile URL

You need this code to connect with Lee Taylor’s mobile app!

Mobile Text Code

My Agent Code

QR Code – if you feel like a nice clunky scan…

Keller Williams Realty provided me with a mobile application, thereby enabling an agent like me to receive a unique URL and text code to share with consumers. When consumers use the app, they can easily search and compare properties and connect directly with their agent of choice about the listings they want to see.

“At Keller Williams, we’re agent-centric and consumer-centric at the same time,” CEO Mark Willis said. “By being the first to provide our associates with their own branded app, we are empowering them to achieve extraordinary results and deliver exceptional client service. And by providing consumers with an easy-to-use app filled with helpful features, we’re putting the home search process where consumers want it most – in the palm of their hand.”

The app – which is provided at no cost to real estate agents or consumers – is available for Apple and Android platforms.

Here is a link to a brief article on my mobile app – a video takes you through the features and benefits, if you are extra curious.

Also, go to on LEETAYLOR.MOBI to get that app on your smart phone right now!


  1. Deeana Owens says:

    You’re so freaking cool! And so is Keller Williams.

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