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The hidden value in a remarkable house

Jason Wieloch and I just co-listed a remarkable house built by this modern design legend named Robert Green.


Read more about it here and look for more detailed articles this week about the interior and exterior right here at The Intown Insider.

This Wall Street Journal article from 2008 says it best:

“Could it be McMansion backlash? Trophy homes are increasingly being scaled down and aesthetically integrated into the surrounding landscapes.”


Frank Lloyd Wright taught Robert Green how to aesthetically integrate.

If you don’t want to build a modern home for $1 Million dollars or more and compromise in some major way on something …

And, if you are instead looking for a mid-century modern trophy home in Atlanta, that was expertly scaled and sited in 1959, renovated again for growth in 1987 by Robert Green, then updated and renovated in 1998 by Herbert Brito with superior modern finishes, then look no further than 1885 Walthall Drive in Buckhead.

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