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Questions to ask your listing agent

My good friend Jon Effron is the best real estate blogger in Georgia.

Jon always encourages me, and I always encourage Jon.

Jon knows that I’ve answered 1598 questions on the internet about real estate in less than 6 years. He knows that I’ve made 26 internet contributions about real estate in the past 30 days.

He knows that I have accumulated 32,352 points on Trulia as of this morning and that a number like that places me in the top 1% of Trulia contributors, worldwide.

Jon also knows that I’m lazy about blogging, however if I simply used my frequent Trulia content here at The Intown Insider, I would have way more blog power.

So, I’m resolving to increase my blog power this year – here goes…

This question arose on’s “Trulia Voices” forum yesterday:

“Which questions should you ask your agent about selling your house?”

I answered with the following list…

What’s the current absorption rate in my submarket?

How does my house compare with my 2 or 3 closest competitors?

What is your average DOM?

What is you average LP/SP ratio? How about OLP/SP ratio?

How many houses have you sold? How many houses have you sold nearby? How many houses have you sold that are similar to mine?

How comprehensive is your marketing plan? Is it as extensive and compelling as Lee Taylor’s 96 point marketing task list?

What are the 5-10 most effective components of your marketing plan?

Is your sign going to always be sturdy, ebullient and erect or will it be like 50% of the real estate signs out there – prideless, lifeless, casual afterthoughts?

Will your flyer box always be plump and full of informative printed material or will it run out of steam during the first week like so many others?

Who helps you do what you do at such a high level? How do they help you?

What are your reasons for being associated with your brokerage?

Tell me about your real estate career path…

What continuing education are you focused on this year?

Where do you live right now?

How many houses have you personally bought and sold?

What happens when we go "under contract?"

Tell me a story about when you had to save a sale with your own money…

What are the ABC’s of agency in Georgia?

Who is your broker and how long have you worked with them?

May I speak with your broker?

How will you use the internet everyday to help me get my house sold?

What are the "3 P’s" of listing real estate for sale and if all you’ve got are the "3 P’s" then why are we even talking?

What are the "4th and 5th P’s" of listing real estate for sale and how do you implement them everyday?

Who are a few references that I can call to validate you and your skills?

Why should I hire you?

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