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Lockbox or by appointment only?


A seller on Trulia asked me:

What is your opinion regarding the use of a lock box vs. showing by appointment only?

‚ÄúLockbox, but…

How long do you plan for your house to be on the market?

This is all about price, and your non-negotiable terms, and making those very simple for buyers to understand.

At a take it or leave it price, you will attract 8-10 showings and your Realtor will line them up over like 2 or three days. You probably have a reasonable take it or leave it price in mind – use that. It’s your market in almost every submarket across Atlanta because there are probably buyers clamoring for exactly what you have to sell.

Take offers – call for highest and best – don’t accept a single one if they are not a win-win.

Plan B starts if it’s not under contract after three days on market. Better than implementing plan B next season.

Plan B should start with a lockbox, 95% of the time. But first, reconsider plan A.

There is tremendous certainty in this market for savvy sellers – the price is so easy to call – get over the idea that you know more than recent appraised SOLD property data – the data is the data, and in a seller’s market there is certainty.

And, plan A is way better than you keeping things neat…for weeks and weeks and weeks…waiting for hosted appointments. Most of the time. Maybe you like having guests over infrequently.

A lockbox is very convenient and easily arranged with plenty of notice – we want you out of the house, and unless the listing agent has such superior architectural, historical or psycho-graphic community knowhow that they must host a tour, then the buyer probably doesn’t care to hear from a talkative salesperson playing the role of tour guide.

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