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Greetings TV talent search folks,

My friends and clients, Patrick Greco and Jimmy Stanton recommended that I pitch myself to you since HGTV is seeking new real estate personalities. I am a 13 year veteran of Atlanta real estate sales – I’ve sold almost 300 houses, primarily Intown.

I helped Patrick and Jimmy buy their 1808 cottage in Madison and their 8th floor condo at White Provision, and I also helped them sell their Kirkwood house.

If I could specialize in helping just those two, then I would do so!
Regardless, Patrick states that he knows you folks at “To the trade only” and he recommended that I connect with you based on the recent HGTV need for an Atlanta agent “dynamic and interesting enough to be on TV.”

I think that this is my moment: I am indeed “an individual that’s just charismatic” and I “work a fascinating niche market.”

A few fascinating niche markets, actually.

#1  I am “The Intown Insider” and my provocative blog and #1 in Georgia status on (almost 20,000 profile views since late 2007) are two ways that I am constantly connecting with new people that I’ve never met before; people looking for all kinds of Intown property – mostly buyers.

#2  Last year, I took 128 hours worth of classes on winning new business through somewhat “uncomfortable” means – I’m taking 64 more right now through early March.

I seek out listings that have failed to sell with other agents and listings that are listed by owner, yet not selling.

So what? Well here’s what we do – my team sends letters, notes and flyers via a systematic 8 week program. I make provocative phone calls every day. I door knock every Friday afternoon from 1-5pm on the doors of sellers who have failed to sell, or on the doors of For Sale By Owner listings that simply need to meet me in order to get their paradigm changed – It’s breakthrough marketing that few agents are willing to do  – for us, so far so good. I’m gonna keep doing this for twenty more years.

Furthermore, I also door knock the houses I really, really, really wanna list, usually within 24 hours of their expiration with another agent.

#3 I have a YouTube channel with 20000+ page views – check it out here

Here’s three videos for an example of my style:

* my most popular – “Abdullah The Butcher Takes Decatur”

* in 2008-2009, I paid the geniuses at Dornstar Productions to shoot some videos – here’s a long one, with a market analysis from May 2009 – Intown Atlanta Q1 2009 Market Analysis

* here’s one from January 23, 2013, shot with my Ipad on a rooftop of a mod townhouse – Intown Insider raves on NeoTerra, 30307

#4 I answer Q&A on almost every day – people write in with their questions and I answer them with my own street-wise style:

Here are three Trulia questions that I’ve answered, among the 1452 total that I’ve answered since 2007:

* earlier this week, a guy asked: “I am a 56 year old African American gay. Should I feel safe to buy a home on Penbrook Court Conyers, Ga?”
I wrote: “Dude. Really? Why don’t you knock on about 40 doors in the neighborhood and ask that question? This is way too subjective and micro for Internet Q&A.”

* earlier this month, a guy asked: “Buying a new home development in Atlanta GA, Can I ask my buyers agent to share commission with me?”
I wrote: “Somebody will do that for you – call around and quite a few of the 25000 licensees working in metro Atlanta will be glad to jump in and grease the palm…”

* In December, almost 5 years after I began answering Trulia questions, this one surfaced: “what is the future outlook on the west end section of atlanta? Are there any future development plans in the works for this area?”

I wrote: “The only “development” that I’ve heard about directly inside the limits of the “West End” is the redevelopment of the dated West End mall, which has been talked about for decades.
The 1 million square feet across Lee and Murphy that is known as the Candler-Smith Warehouses or the Metropolitan Arts District has been talked about for redevelopment – a major retail parcel like a WalMart or something. Haven’t heard much else on that idea in years.

Not much else that I’ve heard about other than the proposed Beltline and “Murphy Crossing” city center which will center on the southside connection of the Beltline and MARTA – the Murphy Crossing idea is conceived to be something like it’s counterpart on the northside, the recently redeveloped Lindbergh city center – a live/work/play/transport center.

Finally, on the horizon, the “Gulch” redevelopment and new Falcons stadium will bring change to the area just over I20 from the West End, the redevelopment of the Lakewood Fairgrounds just southeast of the West End, the redevelopment of Fort McPherson just a few minutes southward and the Hapeville “Aerotropolis” redevelopment of the old Ford assembly plant are harbingers of things to come over the next 2 decades in the SWATL and southside Intown area.”

I know that’s a a lot to read, review, watch and consider, but hey, I got a track record, and some of these jokers that make it to TV simply don’t…

To wrap this up – what else do I need to do to earn an interview?

Thanks for taking the time to consider me!



Lee Taylor

Keller Williams Realty Metro Atlanta

Charter member of Keller Williams Southeast Region 1999

Agent Leadership Council 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012

Dekalb County Association of Realtors

Certified Distressed Property Expert

The Intown Insider


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