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This is a call

I just finished reading a book by Paul Brannigan entitled “THIS is a CALL – The Life and Times of Dave Grohl.”

I found this rocking photo of Dave Grohl on a local site called Luxecrush – a superb site for all things Atlanta culture.

I saw Dave and his killer rock band, the Foo Fighters on a perfect autumn night in September at Piedmont Park during Music Midtown this year, and Dave and his fascinatingly great band made me true believers. That show is in my top 5 of all time – I’m 47, and I’ve seen well over 1000 live concert performances since I was 16.

This blog post is supposed to inspire you, so here goes…

Those of you who know me well know that I am a rock and roll, and pop culture compendium, and that a rock and roll bio book like Paul’s is a regular part of my reading.

The book is the first in depth, definitive biography of Dave Grohl, the legendary drummer for Nirvana and the singer-songwriter for the Foo Fighters – his body of work in less than 30 years places him on a pedestal with just a few others – Neil Young, Prince, McCartney, Dylan, and maybe 25-30 other brilliant singer-songwriters like Van Morrison and Bruce Springsteen.

Yeah – that’s my opinion.

I heard the song “All my life” this morning on Rock 100.5 this morning, and I just finished the book two nights ago. That song came out on a Foo Fighters album entitled “One on One.” It is a remarkable rock song and it’s just one of many that Dave has penned. That song can lift a rock audience to new heights. I love most of his work. But, Dave thinks that “All my life” is one of the few good songs on that album, that body of work.

Paul writes about the less than perfect conditions for recording that album, which was released in 2002. The phrase “what does not kill you makes you stronger” comes up from Nate Mendel, the bass player for the Foo Fighters, when describing the making of the album.

It’s 2012. The world is way less than perfect. Venice and Tuscany are flooding. Hurricane Sandy is a harbinger of real change. Sex scandals from men of valor pervade the news this week. Many people thrive on disagreement, rancor and self-interest. The mainstream media foments this negativity.

None of this kills us – it makes us stronger. The real estate market that I work in every day is far from perfect. I am way stronger than I was just 5 years ago.

I have a calling. You probably do too.

If you are hesitant in the real estate market, if you think that you don’t have a grip sometimes on your next steps in life or in your business, if you think that you have resignations or fears that are keeping you from doing something that you need to do, then set those aside, because holding that for too long is in direct opposition to your call.

I learned that from Dave Grohl’s example.

“…this is a call to all my
past resignations
it’s been too long…”

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