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Surprise and delight in Inman Park

KK surprise

This photo was taken at the Inman Park Cooperative Preschool at some point in Spring 2012.

Surprise and delight – keys words that I learned to align with great marketing. I learned the true meaning of those two words from one of the smartest people that I know. She’s a world renowned specialist in retail store advertising, in-store marketing, consumer experience, demand demography, and point of purchase “surprise and delight.”

Marketers must surprise and delight.

So, I have a meeting with a client today. Her house is right around the corner from my old house on Euclid Avenue and she has a gorgeous property on a picturesque lot.

She might sell it; she might lease the upstairs home, and continue to lease the sunny terrace level suite.

For those of you who don’t know what a sunny terrace level suite is just think “finished basement.”

Regardless, the reason that I’m writing is that ever since I moved Intown in 1998, into a $300,000 4 square 3/3 upstairs home just 300 feet from Variety Playhouse, with a “sunny terrace level suite” below that we used to lease for $1000 per month, I’ve always thought that there really isn’t a better Intown investment than that kind of a house.

As long as you can share walls, floors and systems with someone else, well those folks will help to offset your mortgage.

My client is the delightful part of this message today – she is one of the sunniest personalities in the world, she has a Master of Divinity degree and preaches the gospel from time to time, is an ad exec full time, and she is another one of the world renowned marketing professionals who happen to be a part of my VIP list.

So what is the surprising part?

THERE ARE ONLY 6 SINGLE FAMILY HOUSES FOR SALE IN INMAN PARK THIS MORNING…plus three others have been on the market for about 5 years – new builds waiting for a buyer at $949,900 each. (Location: an old church parking lot. Somebody will eventually buy them! Truly an “odd lot.”)

I’ve been watching the Inman Park market on a near daily basis since 1997, and I do not recall ever seeing so little for sale. Just 6 houses priced between $259,900 and $689,900 today.

By the way, there are 14 condos lofts and townhouses listed from $149,900 to $399,900 this morning.

Surprise and delight – I’m bringing good “demand and supply” news to my client, because she will be able to receive a substantial profit at closing if she decides to sell now. She should be able to sell her house quickly and for top dollar!

It’s that kind of a market for smart sellers who are looking to make a move…

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