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Surprise and delight in Inman Park


This photo was taken at the Inman Park Cooperative Preschool at some point in Spring 2012. Surprise and delight – keys words that I learned to align with great marketing. I learned the true meaning of those two words from one of the smartest people that I know. She’s a world renowned specialist in retail store advertising, in-store marketing, consumer experience, demand demography, and point of purchase “surprise and delight.” Marketers must surprise and delight. So, I have a meeting with a client today. Her house is right around the corner from my old house on Euclid Avenue and she has a gorgeous property on a picturesque lot. She might sell it; she might lease the upstairs home, and continue to lease the sunny terrace level suite. For those of you who don’t know what a sunny terrace level suite is just think “finished basement.” Regardless, the reason that I’m writing is that ever since I moved Intown in 1998, into a $300,000 4 square 3/3 upstairs home just 300 … [Read more...]

Mortgage news you can use – November 2012

I copy/pasted this from part of a weekly email that I receive from Jeff Buchweitz at Fairfield Mortgage. It’s pretty dry stuff, but in a world that needs clarity, his email reaches me every week with an excellent, quick report on rates, consumer tips and the complex things about the mortgage market that cause things to swing and sway from time to time. I’ll try to remember to post this content more often! Negative European News Leads to Lower Rates Nearly all of the news out of Europe over the last week has been negative.  European Union (EU) forecasts for economic growth for the next two years were downgraded more than expected, and EU officials warned of greater downside risks.  In addition, German economic growth data fell short of consensus forecasts.  Greek leaders passed a series of austerity measures required to receive additional aid, but widespread riots and protests took place during the vote.  Concerns about Europe have caused investors to shift funds to safer … [Read more...]

This is a call

I just finished reading a book by Paul Brannigan entitled “THIS is a CALL – The Life and Times of Dave Grohl.” I found this rocking photo of Dave Grohl on a local site called Luxecrush – a superb site for all things Atlanta culture. I saw Dave and his killer rock band, the Foo Fighters on a perfect autumn night in September at Piedmont Park during Music Midtown this year, and Dave and his fascinatingly great band made me true believers. That show is in my top 5 of all time – I’m 47, and I’ve seen well over 1000 live concert performances since I was 16. This blog post is supposed to inspire you, so here goes… Those of you who know me well know that I am a rock and roll, and pop culture compendium, and that a rock and roll bio book like Paul’s is a regular part of my reading. The book is the first in depth, definitive biography of Dave Grohl, the legendary drummer for Nirvana and the singer-songwriter for the Foo Fighters – his body of work in less than 30 years … [Read more...]

Georgia Property Tax Issues: Assessments and Millage Rates Q & A

I don’t know where I copy/pasted this from but I decided that my friend Trulia Atlanta needed to read some seriously deep, dry and boring Q&A on property taxes...before I do that, does everyone realize the awesomeness of Trulia's reporting and graphics ? Q:  Property values and assessments have been going down over the last few years.  Why are property taxes still just as high or even higher? A: Each county still needs a certain amount of tax revenue to operate. They still have to provide schools, police, fire protection, and all other county services.  If the assessments go down, the county has to raise the millage rate. Q: What is the millage rate? A: The millage rate is a number that is multiplied by 40% of the final property assessment (after all exemptions) to get the tax bill amount on each property.  The millage rate is the same for everyone in the same county or city. Q: Then why does it help homeowners to get their assessments reduced?  A: … [Read more...]

Equipping failed sellers for success in Atlanta


Good news! More sellers are selling their real estate nowadays instead of failing to sell. I remain steadfast in my mission to help those who have failed, find success after they fire their first or second agent… Check out the recent chart that reveals the basic dynamics of our market. Just three years ago, this chart looked almost opposite of the recent Third Quarter 2012 chart above. Check this link out that I published in my article entitled “The mother of all Intown Atlanta real estate charts” in February 2009. Back then, only 30 out of 100 were selling. “Of the 30 sold listings, 20 (73%) had a price reduction, when listing prices from previous listing periods are included, before a Buyer was found. Therefore, if 70 failed due to overpricing and another 20 required a price reduction in order to sell, 90 out of every 100 listings were overpriced in 4Q 2008, resulting either in either no sale, or a sale at a much-reduced price after a much-longer … [Read more...]