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Greater Decatur


Decatur – it’s pretty huge. Almost as big a “land mass” as “Atlanta.”

30033, 30034, 30035, 30032, 30030…all greater Decatur.

I chose Decatur two years ago as my home and the home of my office because after living in Intown Atlanta on Euclid in L5P for 6 years and then in Kirkwood for 6 more years, I knew that my next door neighbor, Decatur was as remarkable as any other urban city in America.

Decatur, like other walkable, clean and culturally significant cities, is a better policed, better serviced, more efficient and much easier to run city that other parts of Intown Atlanta nearby.

Decatur has good schools to go along with it – schools are a large part of the draw to Decatur and we have a unique 1-3, 4-5, 6-8, 8-12 campus concept that pleases most. Neighborhood schools and walkable campuses, along with the overall walkability of Decatur, make walking to schools with smiling crossing guards a reality.

“According to  Decatur ranks #1 in most walkable cities in Georgia.  Of the 65 largest cities in the state, the average Walk Score is 38.  Decatur ranked 66!

Rankings are based on a neighborhood having a center, the number of people, the mixed income/mixed use, parks and public space, pedestrian design, the proximity of schools and workplaces, and streets complete enough for bicyclists, pedestrians and transit.”

And that is what’s up in the 30030.

Now, some folks have a different definition of Greater Decatur and I must give them a shout out – “Greater Decatur” is a site  that has a slightly narrower scope for calling Greater Decatur what it is, and they have been posting online since 2011.

Let me make some observations about  the rest of Greater Decatur…

In 30035, I showed a 7 year old townhouse near Covington Hwy and Hairston Road last week  -  my client asked me – “Lee, what do you think this area will look like in 5 years?” I said “the shopping centers (third tier grocery, Dollar Stores, etc. and some restaurants, mostly fast food, nothing gleaming) will all probably look the same – they may get pressure washed annually – and the schools will continue to fight an uphill battle. The new middle school campus looks great, but getting students to graduate is a bigger problem in this area than it is in other parts of Decatur.”

Something like that.

30032, 30034 – similar, district by district conditions – some show annual progress, some don’t. Some have recently closed.

30033 – some of the elementary, middle and Lakeside High School are ranked among the tops in the state by scorekeepers like Great Schools and other arbiters of education scoring. The International Community School is about as remarkable a school as there is in the entire USA…read more about it, here.

All of the areas are “relatively” safe, and the Trulia Crime heat maps are about the coolest thing going for tracking where crime happens.

Industrial and logistics businesses, plus many other commercial and retail businesses may not make for the best residential neighbors so exploring the Greater Decatur zip codes will reveal a distinct difference in quality, price, cultural amenities and lifestyle amenities that make a neighborhood worth living in.

Greater Decatur – centered on one of the coolest Intown, urban epicenters in America – downtown Decatur. Come see me some time if you are in my neck of the woods…

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