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Advice to an Atlanta buyer in the golden age of real estate


That’s a photo of the house that I lived in from 1965 to 1971 in Savannah, GA. Many will point to a number of geopolitical pivots after the “Golden Age” of mid-20th century America and tell you that 1965 was certainly toward the end of the golden age. I’ve read that 1973 ended the “expansion” period post-WWII. I could go on… Well, this article is not about that golden age – it’s about the golden age of real estate happening right now! I communicated with one of my clients about making an offer on a really cool resale priced in the $200’s today, and they’ve decided to make an offer. I spoke with the agent who represents the seller to get a feel for what’s up with this “estate sale” and she said that they have had one offer and it was all cash. A low offer. In nearly 6 months, just one lowball offer. The seller countered and the buyer never came up. The buyer returned one week later with a little better offer, then left after being rejected never … [Read more...]