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Golden age of real estate zen


Are you considering a move up, down, sideways or otherwise? Sell then buy. Buy, then buy some more. Is real estate on your mind? If so, then open yourself to the circumstances of where we are right now in this golden age moment. The tone of this moment is as genuine as there has ever been for opportunity. Open up and choose to be receptive. Your intuition is your truest source of information right now. Allow yourself to be attracted to what feels supportive in your quest. Avoid what feels harsh, critical, or judgmental – no room for that in the golden age of real estate. Now, if this requires that you change your style, so be it. The results of being intuitive are generally far superior to the results of being emotionally guarded and overly rational, especially during the golden age of real estate. … [Read more...]

Advice to an Atlanta buyer in the golden age of real estate


That’s a photo of the house that I lived in from 1965 to 1971 in Savannah, GA. Many will point to a number of geopolitical pivots after the “Golden Age” of mid-20th century America and tell you that 1965 was certainly toward the end of the golden age. I’ve read that 1973 ended the “expansion” period post-WWII. I could go on… Well, this article is not about that golden age – it’s about the golden age of real estate happening right now! I communicated with one of my clients about making an offer on a really cool resale priced in the $200’s today, and they’ve decided to make an offer. I spoke with the agent who represents the seller to get a feel for what’s up with this “estate sale” and she said that they have had one offer and it was all cash. A low offer. In nearly 6 months, just one lowball offer. The seller countered and the buyer never came up. The buyer returned one week later with a little better offer, then left after being rejected never … [Read more...]

Finding value in Intown Atlanta lofts


My 6 showings of lofts in Castleberry Hill yesterday made me think of some of the considerations that buyers must make when choosing a loft as a “primary residential” lifestyle choice - this is a hyperlink to a question on Trulia Voices that I answered about this subject, and here is some of the dialogue: “I've been to Castleberry Hill for a couple of the Art Strolls and nights out...seems like a pretty hip area. I travel for work (70% of the time), but don't want to be down by the airport. Looking to stay out of the suburbs. Any other viable options - Decent nightlife, nice restaurants in the area, easy access to interstates, in the city without the suburban feel. East Lake is nice, but has a suburban feel.” I answered: I like Castleberry Hill as long as you choose a good community, watch out for insolvency and understand that resale factors in the general neighborhood of Castleberry Hill, are a building by building consideration. Plenty of buildings down there outsell the … [Read more...]

It’s better to be Led Zeppelin

One of my clients wrote me and asked about a low market investing scheme that he cooked up – essentially a wholesale flip business. I wrote him back and asked: How vividly interested are you in this pursuit? Scale of 1-10 with 10 being "flipping the shittiest houses in Atlanta is my only hope of economic survival" and 0 is "this is a fool's game." He wrote back: “I've decided to wait until I can move a little more upmarket, so to answer your question, I give it a 2 - it has a decent beat, but I really can't dance to it.” I wrote back: “It's like the beat of an old bluesman stomping his feet - it's all you really need, but it's better to be Led Zeppelin.” … [Read more...]