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City of Decatur real estate stats from 2010 to the present


My friend and neighbor Nathan asked an interesting question on the Lenox Place neighborhood Facebook page this week, and this article should serve as a comprehensive answer. He asked: “Does anyone know how to find average house prices in the City of Decatur or if there's an easy way to do this? I'm trying to track average prices of, at least, 3-2's and 2-1's over the past few years.” Let me preface the following "LONG” answer to Nathan’s question with a look at the most up to date median sales price history for Atlanta, metro wide. My people and I haven’t crunched the average, just the median number, but this is the chart of all charts for a sense of where we are and where we’ve been… Simply put – versus Atlanta metro wide, Decatur has healthier numbers, and the overpriced vs. correctly priced ratios are much, much better. So, here’s the long answer… For 2012, looking only at 2 bedroom, 1 bath houses (2/1’s)  – just 7 sales so far this year, here … [Read more...]