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What is my USP?

My USP, my Ultimate Selling Proposition as a Georgia real estate agent, is that my team and I deliver exceptional marketing for our seller clients, and we help our buyer clients get fantastic deals, one detailed contract at a time.

The Intown neighborhoods of Atlanta and Decatur are littered with failed sellers and with mistaken buyers. There are too many real estate agents who can’t keep their signs straight or keep flyer boxes full, or even know how to position properties for internet validity.

Regardless, our neighborhoods are also blessed with rich amenities, diverse and interesting cultures and subcultures, and inherent Georgia value, lot for lot, street by street.

I know that most of the time, once a seller has the right information, then they will make an informed decision about pricing and staging their property to sell quickly and for the highest possible price.

I have a 93 Point marketing plan that has been proven to get houses sold 6 times faster than the average agent and at 98.5% of list.

I have a 27 page Guidebook to Purchasing Georgia property that has helped to lead over 100 buyers to successful real estate closings since 2004. (the file is so BIG, you’ll have to email me to get a copy)…


Uniquely, my value stems from knowing the streets of Intown Atlanta like few other professionals, from mastering the pricing of properties, and from looking out for the absolute best interests of my clients, all the time, every time.

If you or someone else that you know is seeking help with buying, selling or investing in real estate right now, please connect them with me.

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