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The generation ahead in housing

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Why do I care who “Tyler Durden” is? Because “Tyler Durden” told the world about an article that Charles Hugh Smith wrote.

Tyler operates a blogsite called Zero Hedge. Tyler is anonymous.


On April 11, Charles Hugh Smith asked “What if housing is done for a generation?”

He states that “declining employment, income and household formation are complex, long-term trends. If they continue trending down, so too will housing.”

My daughter is 4 years old and she is the generation ahead – she has immense, positive  possibilities for her future. Massive positive changes for the good of mankind are ahead. Futuristic amazement.

She’s a child that will grow up Intown – some of the massive, positive changes that are coming her way are driven by a demand for sustainable Intown living, a demand for automation and efficiency, and a demand for high touch, in a world of high tech – you name it – cool stuff is ahead.

So, does that mean that the average value of residential housing across the United States will go up over the next twenty years?


The generation ahead is simply looking for good stewardship from us. Think about that…

And the generation ahead in housing is what the bright minded stewards of 2012 should be thinking about, submarket by submarket – street by street.

Because, in the larger pool, when Charles Hugh Smith puts up this graph and states “What few are willing to entertain is the possibility that housing is no longer the foundation of middle class wealth, and that its decline is structural, not cyclical” you gotta take him seriously…


Just don’t own in markets that have a greater propensity to exist on the collapsing side of this graph…that’s what I’ll tell my daughter when she buys her first house.

And, to Scott Mauldin, a local Atlanta CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™  and one cool dude that I know from college – thanks for introducing me to Tyler Durden. No matter how dark he gets…

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