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Gary Keller thinks big about Intown Atlanta real estate

A client of mine motivated me to give my opinion on a simple valuation idea.

He wants to base future value of a 2012 purchase on the recent value of the same piece of real estate back in 2007.

I suggested that if 2007 is a baseline for him…not so fast.

Literally – not so fast. A return to 2007 prices is likely to be decades away, and for only select US submarkets. Others are literally stagnant or dead. Unrecoverable.

The US real estate market is not best measured today, or in the future by using 2007 as a baseline for quick comparison.

Gary Keller’s message is North American in scope, but his mindset can help anyone see the bigger real estate picture on their Intown Atlanta or Decatur street.

I wouldn’t be bold enough to state that about 2007 unless I heard that from someone else – I’m no expert, but Gary Keller is. I’ve known Gary for 14 years. He’s the best agent in the country and he built Keller Williams Realty over the past 29 years as the real estate agency of choice – we’ll be #1 worldwide, next year.

I began my career with KW in 1999.

Gary wrote the Millionaire Real Estate Investor book about 7 years ago – I have not ever studied a better book on the subject. You should buy a copy.

Gary delivers an annual vision speech at the KW convention – he’s as smooth as they get and he never pulls punches. Great speaker on a dry subject – stats and charts galore.

If you have 180 minutes to learn more about US real estate, and if you think BIG enough to apply what you learn to your property interests in Atlanta, then watch these videos of Gary last month delivering his Vision Speech for 2012… part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 8 part 9

I want my clients to succeed at the highest levels with their real estate goals. I also would rather challenge their thinking now, rather than disappoint them later with blown expectations.

Gary helps us understand the bigger picture, and he helps Intown Atlanta buyers and sellers set realistic expectations.

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