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The cavalry ain’t coming to your expired Atlanta listing

But a US Army logistics officer named Lee Taylor is.

I met Chris Gardner yesterday – the guy that wrote the book, “The Pursuit of Happyness.” He’s a remarkable man. He says some things in his recently published book “Start Where You Are” that should resonate with Atlanta sellers who really, truly want to sell their houses in 2012, even if their attempts at being ON the market haven’t worked so far.

Chris teaches a lesson that should resonate with you if you are among the more than 50% of all listed sellers in the past few years, that failed to sell.

Chris learned this lesson from his Mother one night while they were watching an old Western TV show – “The cavalry ain’t coming!”

Here’s a further look into what that means, from page 33 of his recent book:

“yes, I can speak to factors outside of my control and blame them for the predicament or make excuses about why things didn’t work out like they should have…maybe it’s all true, but that doesn’t change where I am…”

Are you someone who wants to sell your house in 2012, in spite of failed attempts in previous years?

Mr or Ms. Seller – what do you think stopped your home from selling?

“It’s the market.”

Here’s a few questions to ponder…

What did your previous agent do that you liked best about them and their services?

What do you wish they would have done better?

What would you expect from the next agent you choose?

If you are an expired, withdrawn or otherwise crestfallen Intown Atlanta or Decatur seller, then I would like to apply for the job of selling your home.

Are you familiar with the techniques that I use to sell homes?

If not, then when would be a great time for me to stop by and show you?

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