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Listing to sell in Intown Atlanta

Many submarkets of Intown Atlanta and Decatur are seeing very low levels of inventory for sale. The latest numbers in many of our markets show inventory levels down 25% – 30% from last year. The mix of properties is changing as well. For the 20-county metro area, short sales & foreclosures were 60% of the total transactions last year. But remember that real estate is local and many markets are different. We are now seeing lots of markets where short sales & foreclosures were only 20-25% of the transactions. The market conditions are improving for sellers, and resales are going to drive sales in 2012.

The conditions that drive sales are improving so it might be the right time to get your house ready for showing.

If you want to attain the highest market value for your property, you must have exceptional marketing.

Exceptional marketing – That’s where I come in.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a great first impression – so curb appeal INSIDE AND OUT is critical. And now most potential buyers are looking online first. So first impressions online are critical as well. I already provide the most extensive online exposure in the industry with the KWLS and my 93 Point Marketing Plan.

I use high-quality photography, videos and other techniques to bring the unique story of your property to life – online, in print and in person.

I inventoried my signs today, and I have 13 For Sale signs, 13 flyer boxes, and a lot of directional signage for open houses and street by street navigation, all ready for deployment – how about you call me up and we place one in your yard and cause the sale of your property, right now?

sign box

To learn more about your local market conditions and how to get the highest value for your property this spring, contact us today!

If You Know Someone Who Can Benefit From Our Real Estate Expertise, We Would Love To Help Them.

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