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What exactly is “culture” in a real estate office?

Concentricity. Ever heard that word?

It means “to have a common center.”

I just learned that in the world of fiber optics, the definition of concentricity is about being “well-centered.”

At any given real estate brokerage office with more than a few agents on staff, even the most free-wheeling and independent agents are part of the culture – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

At my “market center” in Decatur, Georgia – we live up to the title of market center. We sit in the center of our core submarkets and we dominate the numbers in FMLS Area 52 – the “Greater Decatur” submarket. We also have significant market share in the nearby areas both inside and outside the perimeter. How do we do it? Well, pretty much just like other successful, mature Keller Williams market centers do it.

1. provide the The Best Technology tools to our agents

As technology continues to transform the ways in which buyers search for homes and real estate professionals communicate with their clients, Keller Williams Realty’s, agent driven technology development group is on the forefront of advances that continue to sharpen our agents’ competitive edge.

Read about our latest technology initiative, the eEdge, which is making news in the real estate industry!

2. offer The Best Training and Coaching in the area

A commitment to training and coaching at every level is at the heart of what sets Keller Williams Realty apart. Keller Williams University provides an industry-leading curriculum addressing every aspect of success in real estate. Multimedia training is offered online, via KWConnect, the real estate industry’s most innovative distance learning program. Among the industry’s top tier coaching programs, MAPS Coaching, led by Dianna Kokoszka, is having a profound impact on the careers of thousands of real estate professionals.

3. offer The Best Wealth-Building Opportunities

In keeping with the philosophy that agents are partners and stakeholders in the success of the business, Keller Williams Realty has created a distinct profit sharing program in which approximately 50 percent of every market center’s profits every month are returned to those who have contributed to a market center’s growth by attracting productive associates to the office. To date, 14 Keller Williams associates have earned more than $1 million in profit share and fully 23,769 associates are participating in the profit share program.

Read the recently published White Paper on profit share.

Find out how profit share is changing lives.

4. instill A Culture of Caring

Become part of something bigger…

Keller Williams Realty is a company that changes lives. The culture is as diverse as the countless ways in which associates and market centers commit themselves to finding and serving the higher purpose of business, and is united by cohesive understanding of our Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs and Perspectives.

During the first, annual nationwide RED Day, which is now a companywide tradition, 22,000 associates participated in a coordinated effort to give back with their local communities.

At the heart of Keller Williams culture in action is KW Cares, a public charity created to reach out and support each other during times of extreme and unexpected hardship

Now,  take all four of those components of success, and find it in action at Keller Williams Metro Atlanta – my market center in downtown Decatur, GA.

1. technology is driving the success of our agents – we have 100% adoption of an online “paperless” real estate processing platform, we train and certify our agents on many MLS tools, research tools, and business operational tools that are in play today – we make things happen for our clients with savvy use of the latest and greatest technologies

2. the best local training and coaching comes from our association with Rick Hale – one of the top real estate agents in Georgia, and the owner/operator of 4 market centers that comprise the Heart of Atlanta Group. Our group is one of the top places to work in Atlanta according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Name another real estate office that can claim that!?

I can name another one – can you? No surprise – it’s another Keller Williams Group

3. the best wealth building opportunities – in the past year, we’ve had Kay Evans, Bob Kilinski, Jennifer Barnes, Shaun Rawls (twice) and one of KW’s leaders in individual agent profit sharing Aaron Kaufman, plus attornies, accountants, and financial planners, all come to our market center and work with our agents on wealth building. There is not another real estate office in Georgia who can claim that who’s who list.

4. a culture of caring in Decatur, GA – In 2012, we will have a big Decatur Red Day in May! We will host our fourth annual charity event The Taste of the Town in August. We have fun things and heartwarming things and socially bonding things happening on our calendar every month.

One guy, our Team Leader for 13 months, Sean Damman stands as a shining example of the culture in our market center. We are proud to have him as our day to day, face to face, or better yet – IN YOUR FACE, leader – he’s a real estate agent first, with a decade long track record of success. When he left Re/max a few years back, he took full advantage of the technology, the coaching, and the wealth building opportunities at KW Metro Atlanta and shifted his entire team’s business so that he does not have to operate it on a day to day basis. He leads our team of nearly 100 agents. Sean, like Rick Hale, like Gary Keller, sets a terrific example.

And Sean cares. He proves that daily.

What’s really cool is that we are celebrating our TENTH ANNIVERSARY as a market center later this year – we see ten plus more years ahead of continued success, and we welcome anyone to call, stop by or inquire online about what we are up to.

I know that this has been a long blog post, but I hope that it helps some of you who might be looking for some CONCENTRICITY!

We got it in Decatur…


  1. Sinoun says:

    As usual, a well done job Lee!

  2. Great job Lee. I can not agree with you more.

  3. Right on! Wish I could be so blunt at work…..

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