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Tech trends in real estate agency

I regularly read the Trulia Pro blog for real estate professionals. Emily from Trulia is a terrific marketer, and she makes the Trulia Pro world a better place.

On January 17, she published a quick read on technology trends in the business, and featured some cool photos and stories on 4 Tech trends to watch in 2012 that she gleaned from the CES earlier this month.

I decided to repackage her findings a little and add some local color.

1. intuitive combination devices – I am going to kill my Dell laptop after I turn it in for it’s second keyboard in 15 months, and just go Ipad or with a super thin ultrabook or something. I already rely so much on my Iphone, and with apps like GAMLS, Kurio and Trulia’s mobile apps, plus a killer app like Dropbox, field level functionality for agents has never been better

Add KW’s eEdge paperless real estate and client service platform, and a guy like me is highly dangerous.

The .25 calibre ACP that I carry sometimes really isn’t that dangerous – it’s there to “get me out of situations…” I haven’t had to use it yet, and y’all know where I get deployed from occasionally. I do think that my handgun is an intuitive combination device…

2. seamless and instant video sharing – my 4 year old Flip Camera will soon be obsolete. My Iphone doesn’t have enough video portability for longer videos. So, 2012 is going to be the year for me to step up to a new video camera. Stay tuned. is coming…


3. enabled and enhanced on-the-go products and services – I just mentioned a few in the first paragraph, but Emily’s feature on the pocket-sized PowerTrekk really caught my eye. It is coming this Spring and it “uses fuel cell technology to power up mobile phones, cameras, GPS devices, and other electronics. The pocket-size charger provides instant power to your devices by converting hydrogen into electricity. It can produce the power of up to four AA batteries–suitable for powering up your phone for 10 hours. You just insert the fuel pack and add water to start recharging your portable devices.”

How cool is that?

4. thin is in – form is meeting function – Emily talks about the ultrathin notebook in her post. I believe I’ll move to an Ipad sooner rather than later. More and more, agents that I know are working Ipads almost exclusively. Cloud apps are making lightweight dreams a reality.

I have a lot of tech savvy, creative clients and they have always kept me engaged on the latest and greatest devices, tips, tricks, tools, shortcuts, hacks and applications that make my real estate business better. If you know about a tech trend that I should know about too, please contact me and keep me in your loop!

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