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Social media behavior for Realtors

I’m at peace with my social media behavior. I read about social media, use social media platforms often and I am friends with some remearkably astute social media, creative arts and marketing experts.

Lots of folks offer advice on how to maximize social media for business. I just read Jeffery Gitomer’s ”Social Boom” book and I got a lot of cool new actions to implement in 2012. I read his blog often and I read his book, The Sales Bible back in 1994. Gitomer is super cool.

Regardless, he does not know it all, one size does not fit all, and, as a Realtor in Georgia, I have to be a judicious and circumspect licensee. I also have to be choosy with where I spend my time – social media is a major time suck if it becomes an obsession.


So, just to keep me on my toes…I got an email today from my friend Jonathan – he forwarded the Georgia Real Estate Commission’s “GREC REnews” for December, and it included these “Social Media Reminders.”

“Social Media can be a great tool for Real Estate professionals. Its popularity is indicated by the many training courses currently being offered touting the marketing benefits of blogs, Facebook and other social media-type sites, and the fact that it provides great exposure at little or no cost.
However, the instructors of these courses may not be familiar with requirements of the License Laws, Rules, and Regulations of the Georgia Real Estate Commission. Any marketing must be done in compliance with the License Laws, Rules, and Regulations.

The following lists a few reminders of what NOT to do when using social media either personally or in your professional real estate activities:
• Don’t give advice concerning real estate matters to friends and contacts without establishing a client agency relationship first. You may inadvertently establish an agency relationship.
• Don’t blog by giving your opinion about specific real estate situations, transactions, or properties.
• Don’t advertise a listed property without meeting all advertising Rules and Regulations, such as failing to include the firm name and phone number as it is licensed with the Commission in the same or larger size print as your name. When telling your friends on Facebook© about a listed property you have for sale, you must still include the firm name and phone number information as you would in any other advertisement or marketing piece.
• Don’t criticize other real estate licenses or other real estate firms.
• Don’t advise a friend how to handle the sale of their property or how to handle a situation with their listing agent.
• Don’t give misleading or inaccurate information in a blog, a fan page, a conversation page, or any other similar media.
• Don’t give a price opinion on any real estate unless you have met all the requirements of the License Laws, Rules, and Regulations in doing so.

Remember, when you post comments, opinions or information on blogs, social media sites, Twitter, or other Internet sites, it can end up on a multitude of sites. To a large extent, social media is information that can be copied, stored, obtained, and even searched later. It can be misconstrued or even taken out of context.
If you contract with someone to design and manage your blog and social media accounts, be sure to review the content, as you (and your Broker) are responsible for ensuring that that everything you publish is in compliance with the License Laws, Rules, and Regulations.”

OK – points well taken. I’ll do my best to abide.

However, I wonder if Hank Miller and I can stay out of trouble on Trulia this year???


  1. I completely agree with the point of opinionated blog articles on real estate issues. It’s something real estate agents in Toronto need to take note of.

  2. Like in many professions and occupations there are honest and ethical people and there are some who aren’t. Since the commissions of the Real Estate Agent are being paid by the seller of the house a buyer cannot relay on his objectivity or impartial conduct, exactly as since without a buyer there is no deal.

  3. IntownATLRep says:

    Sounds like you might have just jinxed yourself! Rock on, Little Camper…

  4. Lee says:

    Ain’t no jinx – after answering 1000+ questions on Trulia, I’m learning how to behave.

  5. Lee says:

    I agree – the purpose behind this post though is about license law and online behavior.

  6. Lee says:

    Thanks for the comment Gabrielle! I think that quality of online content matters most, and sometimes, that means a quality opinion. I just try to abide by license law, and common sense!

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