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Social media behavior for Realtors


I’m at peace with my social media behavior. I read about social media, use social media platforms often and I am friends with some remearkably astute social media, creative arts and marketing experts. Lots of folks offer advice on how to maximize social media for business. I just read Jeffery Gitomer’s ”Social Boom” book and I got a lot of cool new actions to implement in 2012. I read his blog often and I read his book, The Sales Bible back in 1994. Gitomer is super cool. Regardless, he does not know it all, one size does not fit all, and, as a Realtor in Georgia, I have to be a judicious and circumspect licensee. I also have to be choosy with where I spend my time – social media is a major time suck if it becomes an obsession. So, just to keep me on my toes…I got an email today from my friend Jonathan – he forwarded the Georgia Real Estate Commission’s “GREC REnews” for December, and it included these “Social Media Reminders.” “Social Media … [Read more...]