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What does being on the first Google page really mean, Lee?

My friend Sinoun is the designer of the look and feel of this website. She has a really nice web shop called Shiftweb Solutions, and she is an online real estate marketing expert.

She wrote me today and told me that when she googled “Atlanta real estate” the Intown Insider showed up on the first page. Cool!


This may not always be the case, but today, it is. Check it out here at this link to the google page for the search terms “Atlanta real estate,” and you’ll see about 262,000,000 results.

My article entitled The recent quarter in metro Atlanta real estate, dated July 2011, appears among the first 13 results today.

Again, cool.

Trulia, my favorite real estate monster site, published this piece today about “How to safeguard your online reputation.”

Trulia’s best advice to me today is: “Proactively use this to your advantage and create online content that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise.”

So, what being on the first page of google means to me today is that I just had a significant life lesson reinforced.

That lesson is that proactivity rules. Proactivity is the #1 habit of highly effective people.

Lets see if I can keep this up!

To tell you the truth, I have not ever spent a single dime on SEO for this website and I get a call every week from some numbskull in another part of the USA that wants to put me on the first page of google for “Atlanta real estate” with their magical web enhancements for $500-2000 per month.

I think I’ll just keep blogging…Thank you world wide web.

The long tail is right here, and if you have a property to list for sale or lease in Intown Atlanta or Decatur, then call me and lets talk about online marketing results that will get your house sold for top dollar in the fastest amount of time possible…my 3 year average is 28 days. My listings sell at an average of 96.3% of list price.

And today, I’m #1 on google.


  1. Content is King, Lee Taylor. Keep up the informative posts and you will be rewarded dutifully by the search engines. I’ve known Lee for years, and I will vouch that he is a true gentleman of discerning character and a positive demeanor.

  2. Lee Taylor says:

    Uhhh, you rock, Paul.

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