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The 1% rule in real estate investing

There is a 1% rule regarding internet behavior. That’s not what I’m talking about here, although, it’s fascinating

The Lazy Mentor offers a good explanation of the 1% rule in real estate investing – it works when sizing up smaller income producing properties, but is too simple when evaluating apartment building and other, more advanced leasing structures.

The lazy mentor’s motto is "If you’re not embarrassed by your offer, then you offered too much."

That is certainly one way to attempt to seek a win/win…his advice accompanies another simple rule:

“See lots of properties, make lots of offers.”

Simple rules make the business of real estate investing look easy – I know that the neighborhoods are littered with many investor failures who did not even put the 1% rule to work…please call me if I can help you build a successful real estate investing portfolio.

Just know that I am all about “win/win, or no deal,” just like everyone else at Keller Williams Realty – if that’s not your game, then please find another agent amongst the 25,000 licensees in Atlanta…

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