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Buying beats renting, dollar for dollar in Intown Atlanta’s “rent versus buy index” is the best resource on the internet for answering a very generic question – should you rent, or should you buy in metropolitan Atlanta?

For the past few months, Atlanta property, dollar for dollar, is better to buy than to rent – on average – across many counties.

The BUY NOW versus RENT NOW numbers get even more dramatic for buying now when certain submarkets are studied. Here’s two examples:

1. just about any close in condominium, loft or townhome

2. just about any house in a great Intown school district

My friend Scott Mauldin sent me a 16 page document yesterday entitled “Housing: A Time To Buy” written by some of his folks at JP Morgan Asset Management – the overwhelming evidence supports buying in the best Intown Atlanta submarkets – is it time for you to make the move up?

You can find the article within two clicks, here.

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