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The 106 page offer is pending, ants notwithstanding

We’ve been under contract for 7 days and today, we have until Midnight to present concerns to this corporate seller.

We have about $5000 worth of HVAC repairs and replacements cited on this 16 year old house.

One of the repairs requirements involves pest control.  There are these ants that are attacking the wires on one of the exterior condenser units – I’ve never encountered this before, but check out the photo:

photo of ant issue 2

I’ve never seen this problem before, but when I googled “ants, electrical wires” – I found over 1 million results and a link to this article about ants in Houston that contains this quote:

“May through September is their peak period — a time when billions of the critters with a reluctance to sting and a habit of chewing up electrical wiring may infest a single acre.”

We just saw a few, but we did see the “pitting” that they cause on the wiring…

We have a hot water dispenser to replace too.


Stay tuned – I just added 7 pages. The contract is now 113 pages long!

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