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What are the reasons?

I’m back. IT issues, vacations, etc. can sideline the most noble effort, can’t they?

Seth Godin is a writer and speaker who has a particular expertise in the many forms of “permission” marketing. He is a daily blogger and he is simply one of the best business thinkers around.

Today’s quote from Seth is just another one of his business gems: “Expertise is a posture as much as it is a volume of knowledge.”

He advises bloggers to consider the reasons for blogging in the first place, and if it’s worth it, then blog.

Blogging forces the writer  to think about what he is saying and how he says it.  Over time the writer will become better at it, and in the mean time, the writer’s words, thoughts, and writing are working as a marketing vehicle. Over time, the blog becomes a container – more vividly, a compendium.


Above all, a blog is a  FREE marketing vehicle! I am a professional real estate agent for hire, if you didn’t know that already…

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