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Decatur townhouse values abound

I bought a $152,000 2/2/1 townhouse last October with a 4% APR VA Loan and then I dropped about $40,000 in labor and materials in it over the course of about 9 months. It had vintage cocoa brown, two-tone appliances, lots of goldenrod wallpaper, and all original 1972 everything, pretty much. It’s an end unit on the park – we have a pool and lovely grounds and the HOA fee is only $210.00 per month.


I intend to live there awhile and not only is it in a terrific elementary school district, it is also just a 5 minute walk to my office at Keller Williams Realty in downtown Decatur.


Basho, the Sumo wrestling poet, is seen in this photo overlooking the rubble. New hardwoods, a new media wall, monochrome paint, demolished closets, super fresh bathrooms and kitchen – I’ll share more photos in an article or two soon, and I’ll even tell you about my Google TV.

The reason that I’m telling this story is that today I could sell my place for about $175-180,000. Cost vs. value is always relative and I’m not selling, so what?

Well, if you wanted to buy a place in my townhouse community that is in better shape than my purchase last October, there are two pretty sweet deals available for quite a bit less than $150,000.

I showed them both today – great deals.

That is value this Summer, people!!!

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