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83 pages + 23 more pages = a 106 page offer

As reported, I recently presented an 83 page offer. Well, we just added 23 more pages – the seller responded to my client’s 83 page offer, with an email that countered on price and shortened the due diligence period by 5 days. And then…

I wrote back and told the agent that my clients will have a difficult time accepting their counter when they know that the 40 page “Relocation property assessment” details a lot of repairs and that these repairs will total a substantial 5 figure number.

He responded with “oh” they fixed most of those…and produced a 23 page report with handwritten notes that is supposed to be proof of repairs.

So, now we have a 106 page offer document – and my buyers will counter it, thereby adding more pages!!! Stay tuned…

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  1. manoj5917 says:

    This was my Eoffers

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