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We become what we think about

In a real estate submarket like Intown Atlanta and Decatur, the patterns follow a similar pattern for the national market. What are the reasons for substantiating that?

Because we become what we think about. Earl Nightingale called that “The Strangest Secret.”


The facts in the national economic picture dictate what we think about far too often:

* Less is selling

* Sales are down everywhere, rising from the bottom in some areas, but down…

* Unemployment is driving foreclosures and financial turbulence

* Fiscal irresponsibility is toppling organizations and governments

* Pending foreclosures cast a big shadow on the future

* Short sales are a big part of distressed closings

* Many foreclosures were never listed for sale

All of these facts can stop a right-thinking, productive citizen from believing in progress and a brighter future – on your street, in your neighborhood, your friend, your family member, etc. – some of this negativity can create torpor and malaise in a household…however, isolate one of these facts for a minute and consider that there is an opportunity.

Many foreclosures were never listed for sale.

Fearful folks may just want a way out and not know that there is a place where they can turn for help.

Just so the world wide web knows, I am a competent agent who specializes in short sales – I earned the designation of “Certified Distressed Property Expert” (CDPE) recently and I know that if folks would simply focus on the solution, as opposed to their problems, then they can change their lives in just a few months.

Short sales prevent foreclosures. Banks prefer short sales over foreclosures. There is a way out for distressed sellers. That mindset starts with a belief that there are best practices that lead to solutions and that can break the cycle of negativity. CDPE’s know the best practices.

Please let me know if I can help you, your family, your friends or co-workers with any of their real estate needs…

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