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We are having a sale!

Lets set that tone.

This is a leadership issue for buyers – fear and remorseful thinking on today’s economy is stopping opportunity.

Buyers – we are having a sale!!!


I am showing 15-25 properties a week nowadays – sometimes more. I am analyzing submarkets  in Intown Atlanta and Decatur in lots and lots of different ways, everyday. I’m inside all kinds of price ranges, but most of my buyer client activity is in the $200,000 – $300,000 range…it’s those first time buyers who are chiseling away at “real estate recovery” and the ones who realize that we are in recovery, a long slow one, know the following:

1. mortgages are at all time low rates and will not remain there because banks will be more distressed – they will!

2. prices for real estate are at all time lows, but some markets in Georgia are creeping upward

3. it’s cheaper to buy than to rent in 75% of American cities – 33% more expensive to rent than to buy in Atlanta, GA right now

On every street, 30% or so of the sellers are getting it and progressing to closing – the rest need some coaching.

It’s my job to fully engage with a buyer, and from there, to educate them.

My buyer clients will not have a “crisis in confidence” if I can help it!

The first lesson is simple – buying a property is not a process of selection, it’s a process of elimination, right?

The rest is in the listening – the details…60% of all buyers are couples – both partners require listening…at the end of the day, the buyers paint the picture.

Once that “goal” is set, spirits lift and can lead to immediate success…but negativity and letdown will sink in if you let it.

Is the “downgrade cycle” really stopping you from buying a condo?

Ok, if that is indeed the case, then I hope that you have a lot of cash and gold…otherwise, have you considered real estate?

Call me if you want to explore Intown Atlanta real estate purchasing – I work with investors buying duplexes, apartments and single family houses, I work with a commercial partner for retail and commercial investments, I know the single family, condo, loft and townhome submarkets of Intown and Decatur quite well after nearly a decade of full time work…

Fact is, I need to know more about what you dislike vs. what you like – get engaged in this opportunity to make possibly the most important financial decision in your life!

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