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Real estate – it’s a “buy” in the Peach State

Inman News just commissioned a study, and then they rated the top ten markets for investors in the USA right now – here’s the methodology:

The Editor notes that a range of data providers and online real estate sites provided Inman News with statistics and charts to identify real estate markets that may be well-suited for investors. View those charts and accompanying methodologies at this link.

Gainesville, GA is in the top ten.

I have not seen the top one hundred, but I’ll bet that parts of Dekalb and Fulton, Cobb and Gwinnett all have a place in the ranking submarkets for investors.

I am not surprised that Indianapolis is #1, and I’m also not surprised by the following things that are happening in Atlanta and Decatur:

* “good” $3000-5000 per month rentals are getting scarce nowadays – they are flying off the market before agents can place them on the market

* most of the investor activity is happening below $100,000, but…

* some of the best, the brightest and most solvent investors are moving up in price point (and toward higher net profit), and fighting over lots, houses and opportunities in Oakhurst, Midtown, South Buckhead and plenty of other healthy submarkets with good schools and relatively low crime issues

Real estate is a buy if you can swing it.

swinging house

And just if you are a first time buyer, you are still an investor, and if you are thinking about investing in Georgia real estate right now, then you chose a terrific moment in time…

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