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Promise of the real

Hank Miller is as real as it gets in the Georgia real estate professions. Hank is a licensed broker and certified real estate appraiser in the state of GA. Since 1989, real estate has been his full time occupation and Hank consistently ranks at the very top of Atlanta area agents in terms of overall production. He is known as much for his attention to detail as he is for his candor.

It’s a pleasure to know Hank and to rely on him as my northern counties expert for years. He is also the best appraiser in Georgia, and between Hank and I, we have managed to stay on the top of the Trulia Voices charts since 2007. This is a direct quote from Hank’s June 11 post – this is Hank’s promise of the real…

“I think we can dispense with the notion that any economic recovery is underway, that nonsense pushed on the nation that the recession is over was a total steaming pile of…things are clearly not good. Real estate and manufacturing are typically what lead the recovery, both are DOA in the current environment. Manufacturing isn’t my bailiwick, real estate is.

Several real estate “truths” that any logical person already knows are being reinforced:

Not everyone should own a home.

Homeownership isn’t a right, it’s a privilege.

Buying a home requires financial stability.

Owning a home requires financial stability.

Homes are not guaranteed profit machines nor are they ATMs. In this market, many people will suffer cataclysmic financial losses. Also in this market, a few people will position themselves for significant financial gains.”

Now, it doesn’t get any more real than that…unless…

Lukas Nelson And Promise Of The Real 129504858422542Photo

…you know who Lukas Nelson is. Watch the video below and realize that he is the 22 year old son of Willie Nelson. I saw him live in Greenville, SC last Friday. He and his Daddy are as real as it gets. Lukas Nelson’s band is called Promise of the Real…

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