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Predicting Atlanta’s housing forecast

I have written about Housing Predictor and their uncanny accuracy since my first days of blog writing back in 2008.

For the three years that I have followed the writing at Housing Predictor, they have been almost 100% accurate, and they have tracked closely with a statement that I heard from my business coach back in October 2007.

He stated:

“The median price for a metro Atlanta single family house will fall by 35-45% in the next 3-5 years.”

I mentioned that to many other folks at the time, and most disagreed…it sounded unbelievable to most people just three years ago…looking back, through the use of this chart, I remember the lowest lows, and I remember the 2010 stimulated highs…

median sales price

Housing Predictor’s 2011 Georgia forecast is on track with his prediction and the writers believe that due to weak consumer confidence and unemployment, Atlanta’s median price will be down another 8.2% at the end of 2011.

Do you have confidence that this is the best market ever for purchasing real estate in Georgia? If not, then you should…

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