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Owning vs. renting

David Meerman Scott is a world renowned marketing guru – he wrote a book called Marketing Lessons From The Grateful Dead, plus other books.

Cool guy. You wouldn’t know by looking at David, that he’s a Deadhead. You wouldn’t know by looking at me that I saw the Dead 25 times…but I digress…


In his article from June 13, David compares and contrasts “owning” awareness vs. “renting” awareness. For those of you who think about marketing a lot, it’s a worthy read. Here’s the link to the article.

His insights made me think that with nearly 14,000 views on my YouTube channel (thanks to Abdullah The Butcher), my upcoming email newsletters  (next week, I launch ATLnewsletter) my Trulia VIP work, and some of the other swift stuff that I do, I do indeed own my awareness. I just need to follow David’s advice and own it even more.

I don’t rent Google Adwords. I don’t run banner ads and popups. I have rented some Facebook ad space from time to time, but the stuff that we do on Craig’s List is free…

Knowing what I know, I just need to own it even more!

For those of you who came here looking for an article on buying vs. renting, just know that the premier online source for these comparisons is at Trulia – their rent vs. buy index is stellar!

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